Thousands of websites are released on a daily basis and not all of them become popular enough to get ranked in Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). You will need to spend time and effort to create a buzz around your website and create engaging and useful content to communicate with your target audience.

Even if your marketing budget is small, there are still very effective promotional strategies to advertise your website in 2020.  Let’s get into more details about each of them:

  1. Create a Blog with Optimized with Keywords Content

Blogging is one of the best way to promote your website but before you start creating content for your Blog section, it is recommended to compile a list of keywords to develop your content around. This is called a semantic SEO and it is a method of improving your website’s traffic by putting more meaning into your content. First thing that you should do is the research for phrases and words that describe your product or services. These words should match the search intents of your potential users. This gives you the possibility to determine search queries which you can use to improve your rank in search engines. It is a fact that blogs not only increase the visibility of the company but the sales too.

You can use keyword planners like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, or Ubersuggest from Neil Patel to analyze relevant user search queries for your target country and select the most suitable for your website’s niche.

Once the keywords list is completed, you can start planning topics and frequency of posting. It is recommended to publish more than 5 articles per month with 1200-words length for each post. Remember that though you need to include keywords relevant to your article’s topic, you write content for people, not only search engines, that is why make sure it is engaging, interesting, and up-to-date. Remember about images and videos on your website as well. It makes your site look better, which is also needed for website promotion. Therefore, write interesting blogs regularly to promote your store and increase the sales!

  1. Create Social Media Account for Your Business

While most people are looking for solutions to their inquiries in search engines, there are still a lot of people who are active on social media and follow influencers to get their advice on various products and services.

Therefore, it is recommended to create accounts for your business on various social platforms and promote your website content there. You can not only distribute your new posts to potential users and clients but also communicate in relevant groups to create a buzz around your website and business.

Even if your product is under development, it is a good pre-launch marketing strategy to promote your business social media accounts 2-3 months before the launch. This way you will create a buzz around your solution and you will get the first users once it is launched to the market.

  1. Be Active on Quora and Reddit

Q&A platforms are still very popular when looking for answers to various questions. A good way to promote your site and business is to register on Quora and Reddit and share your professional experience and insights with your target audience. Search for questions relevant to your niche and provide professional answers showing your expertise and recommending your product or service where relevant. For example, if your product is used for language learning you can search questions related to this topic such as tips, tricks, or challenges that learners may face and provide professional advice and share your expertise.

  1. Work on the Natural Backlink Profile.

It is recommended to create backlinks at various types of websites, such as  directories, catalogs, blogs, and others. You should do link building as naturally as possible. Try to look for relevant resources, where you can create member profiles on the forums, answer questions on your topic, and so on. Guest posting is another popular tactic of link building. You can search the web resources and blogs, which are relevant to the topic of your product or service and ask for an opportunity to contribute to their resource.


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