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Browse a Selection of Killer Internet Domain Names To Secure Your Digital Future

Have you ever wondered how or why to get a premium internet domain name for your business website? Actually, it turns out that it’s pretty easy and as time goes on, you might want to secure all of the digital real estate that you can secure in your business industry.

In 2020, most of the short and useful .COM domain names are taken or unavailable. There’s this company called NameRad that finds good domain names in every industry and resells them to businesses.

If you want a domain in your industry that was specifically chosen (and fought for) out of millions of lesser names, check out the selection at NameRad. It may seem kind of pricy and sort of a leap of faith if you don’t know everything about domain names, to pay thousands of dollars for one domain name. But, if used correctly, a premium internet domain name could easily be worth this amount to business; in fact, you could make the case that many of the domains are underpriced in the sense of how valuable they could be to a business.

The main reason that premium domains are highly valuable is based primarily on Branding and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You would be the only person or company in the world with that leading domain company brand name. Then you could market your products and services to the entire world, which over time, could very easily generate enough revenue to make the cost of the domain purchase negligible or even a net gain. Maybe you will even get lucky in the future and you can sell this domain name for many times more than what you paid for it. In the meantime, you can use the domain name to generate more revenue.

Instead of having visitors go to your business website at a long and confusing internet address, you can give them a short and easily recognizable, possibly viral domain name in your industry to find your products or services. Then, once the search engines start to index your website under your new domain brand name, as well as backlinks you might start to acquire from other sites, you will get even more traffic, all based on the domain name. You will also be able to demonstrate credibility with your new domain name when you send and receive e-mails at your premium domain, such as owner@domain.com.

.COM domains are the most common, but other extensions can be just as useful. However, in other extensions, often if you give your internet address to someone, they will accidentally type in the .COM version of your name by mistake, so to avoid these visitors from going to the wrong website, we carry .COM domains only.
Premium Domain names in 2020 are regularly bought and sold in the 4-5 figure range. The reason to go to NameRad and get a company internet domain name over anywhere else is that it’s simple, has leading domain names that were specifically hunted for their one-of-a-kind nature in nearly every industry, and has customer support and full secure escrow transactions. You can negotiate the domain price in the chat or at the telephone number, all transactions are secure and they even offer payment plans, bitcoin payments and alternate forms of currency.
All domains are transferred to your preferred registrar, such as GoDaddy or Epik. Live support is available if you have any questions. You can get a discount on any domain from the listed retail price if you negotiate in the chat or at the customer support telephone number. But since domain names are one-of-a-kind digital assets, there will only be one in stock of any domain name, so once you find the domain you like, it is important to secure the domain before anyone else acquires it first.


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