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Developing a Professional User-First Website

The best practice when it comes to developing your own website is to place focus on your users. They are the ones who will be interacting with your service and will decide, based on the quality of their experience, whether or not they will continue checking out you or your business. Implementing a focus on the user experience and interface places you at an advantage over competing websites.

More often than not, we are the ones with an idea of a business or a service to start, but have no technical skills and are left without a platform to promote ourselves. Luckily, there are countless companies out there with the skills and knowledge necessary to help create the perfect website for us. Finding the right UI/UX front-end development company is the first step to creating a professional website.

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right company for you. Here are a few tips on what to look for in a company to help design and develop your professional website.

Front-End Development

You’ll want someone who specializes in front-end development. This is what users will interact with when they enter your site. If the front-end isn’t thoroughly thought out and designed, then your users won’t give your website the time of day. Poorly designed websites tend to be cast off as virus ridden and dysfunctional. The better your front-end, the better your website.

On top of the front-end, there is a need for a quality back-end developer. You don’t want to outsource your work to multiple companies simply because your initial choice only knows front-end coding. Back-end is the stuff that makes your website work. If you click a button, it should process the information and offer you detailed processes based on the input.

Find a quality developer that specializes in both fields and you’ll have a professional website on your hands. While both are necessary, they are left useless without quality development of the website’s UI and UX.

UI and UX Design

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are two of the most important parts of a professional website. They sound similar but the differences are vast and qualify as two separate specialties. UI and UX, while typically in necessity of one another, have two completely different purposes for your website.

UI is what the user interacts with on your website. This is a purely digital process and includes all of the buttons, text boxes, submission fields, and anything else that your user will use. If the UI isn’t designed well, you might find using your website to be impossible or simply not worth the time.

UX is a little different as it isn’t restricted to the digital medium. The user experience is all about interactions between the user and the company. UX includes offers, products, services, etc. A quality website developer will be able to encompass your services and products in the website’s UX.

A Company that Works for You

Finding a quality front-end and back-end developer isn’t difficult as there are so many options available online. Aspirity is one of the best developers available and will include high-end UI and UX development in your final product. Keep all of the above tips in mind when searching for your website developer.


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