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Exploring The Growing Popularity of Phonegap Developers And The Advantages They Bring To Your Firm

As a business owner, you would be aware of the fact that mobile apps are taking the market by storm. You need a mobile developer who has expertise in cross-platform frameworks like a PhoneGap developer.

To maintain your market share and expand into new territories, your best option would be to hire phonegap developers. Go for developers with experience and scale your business up slowly.

Advantages of hiring PhoneGap Developers

Given below are some of the benefits you enjoy by hiring a PhoneGap developer:

Low Cost and Faster Development

Both you and the developer will benefit by using PhoneGap. Since it is compatible with cross-platform frameworks, you don’t need to develop apps for each mobile platform like iOS, Windows, and Android. A single app will work for all platforms.

To get an edge over your competitors, the Time to Market is critical. Since you need the shortest possible time to launch the app, you can get the maximum return on investment. The effort, cost, and time required are the least with PhoneGap.

The developer uses HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for making mobile applications. PhoneGap development requires Node.Js creating a mandatory dependency. Find Node.js developers for hire online and select expert developers with sufficient experience.

Uniform Functionality

To make sure that your mobile app is successful, it needs to be fully functional across all platforms. Before PhoneGap, it was difficult for businesses to ensure uniformity in the earlier stages of product development. If you developed an app for the iPhone, it would look different if opened in Android.

With PhoneGap, your app will have the same look and feel no matter which platform you open it on and provide uniformity. This makes your app more appealing and ensures higher user engagement.

The PhoneGap developer would ensure that your app interacts with the hardware like an accelerator, camera, and other attributes. This gives every user a high-end UX experience.

Stronger App Performance

The app development process is speeded up with a robust backend, and less effort is required for the development. You get a more energetic performance from your app due to this feature.

Free Resources

PhoneGap uses free and open source technology. The developer can access new codes and modules with the Open Source license.

Handling Touch Events

The PhoneGap developer can handle touch events like Touchsmart, touchmove, and touchend even though third-party libraries like Nova PhoneGap framework, KendoUI, and JQuery mobile handle such touch events.

Smartphones have touch screens that are activated when the users touch the surface using their fingers or a pen. The points of contact in a touch-sensitive screen are touch events.

Optimize PhoneGap API

The developer will know the features that PhoneGap does or does not support. They also know what free plugins are available and the projects suitable for the platform.

Your app will allow the user to control the status bar, receive notifications through PushPlugin, scan barcodes with the Barcode scanner, sharing data on various social media platforms, or authentication through Facebook Connect.

All these lead to improved customer engagement and expands your customer base.

Greater Security

You get higher data protection and security when you hire a PhoneGap developer for the development of your mobile app. The developer will test the app for security by ensuring that access keys are eliminated. Access keys are not encrypted, so removing them makes your app more secure.

The developer will also check the app for client-side business logic, remotely loading Javascript, insecure local data storage, insecure dependencies, external content, whitelisting, HTTP Caching, and Certificate Pinning.

The PhoneGap developer will help you overcome security issues by checking that the server’s public key matches during app initialization. They will install the Whitelist plugin that is essential for app security.

The in-app browser plugin will prevent access to your app by an external browser. The developer will run a code review to ensure the security of your dependency code. The different app stores also approve your app after checking your security.

The security of your app is vital for your users. If their data is hacked and misused, your reputation will be at stake.

Fixing Bugs is Easier

When there are two or more applications to maintain, then fixing bugs in the application code becomes a problem. With PhoneGap, there is a single code for multiple applications. The developer has to fix one code since this is a multi-platform application.

Bugs are bad news for your business. They compromise the user experience, and this is likely to go on social media by users with negative comments. Users don’t have the time to struggle with your app; they will just shift to another company.

With multi-platform apps, the latest updates are installed easily since there is one code for all the platforms.

Improved Sales

The PhoneGap developer will improve your revenues in a big way. Since this is a multi-platform application, your products will be available on different platforms simultaneously. If users can’t find your product on one platform, they can get it from another platform so that you don’t lose on business.

Easy Access

Applications developed by PhoneGap developers can be accessed from anywhere, even in offline mode. This is possible because the web application is downloaded to the user’s mobile device.

Implement New Features

The PhoneGap developer makes it easy for your users to get advanced features like Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, or Artificial Intelligence. With these sophisticated features, you will not only be able to retain your existing clients but also get references from them.

High-Quality UI and UX

Multi-platform apps provide an engaging user interface, experience, and have high-quality designs. The users also have access to a lot of functionalities. All this is possible with the advanced animation and UI design by the PhoneGap developer.

Gain an Edge with PhoneGap Developers

PhoneGap developers ensure that your app is user-friendly and easily accessible. Product availability will improve since it will be available across more than one platform. Superior app performance is ensured by fixing bugs in the shortest possible time since there is a single code.

If you want an app that can be developed instantly and provide multiple functionalities, your best bet is a PhoneGap developer!


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