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Best Free File Sharing or Hosting Sites to Share Large Files Online


In today’s world, we frequently have the need of sharing files online for various purposes. File sharing online via email is good for small files. Well, that is where online file sharing services come in. These file sharing platforms offer you a lot of storage for free and supply abundant features. And the biggest advantage of using online file sharing websites is that your files can be shared with anybody securely via a download link. There are scores of sites that one can use to share large files online. Here is a collection of the top 1 greatest free large file sharing sites for your needs. Go through the post to find the websites:

1. Google Drive – Free Cloud Storage for Personal Use

Best Free File Sharing or Hosting Sites to Share Large Files Online

Google Drive is one of the finest free file sharing sites which allows you to discuss any documents immediately. You can upload any kind of document, ranging from documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, photos, videos, etc. and ship the shared link to the receiver. This online file sharing tool provides users free 15GB space, which can be updated later with a nominal fee google drive one of the best free large file hosting website.

The uploaded content is shareable with anyone by inputting the recipient’s email address and the access link is going to be delivered with their email address.
Shares high-quality photos and large files with anybody and they’ll be able to get them anytime.
Makes it possible for users to edit, modify, and control permission of the files by making them public or private.


2. Firefox Send – Providing Free File Transfers

Best Free File Sharing or Hosting Sites to Share Large Files Online

FireFox Send is another free file sharing website established by Mozilla Firefox. It allows you to upload and send large files up to 1GB through a safe, confidential and encrypted link. Firefox best free large file hosting site.

Doesn’t demand an add-on or registering for an account, and may be utilised in several modern browser.
Simplifies uploading files via dragging and dropping.
User can empower password-protected downloading and place downloading cases of files on sharing webpage, which fully guarantees security and privacy of all files.


3. PlusTransfer – Transfer Big Files up to 5GB

Best Free File Sharing or Hosting Sites to Share Large Files Online

PlusTransfer is among the easiest file sharing tools to share large files free online. It doesn’t need any registration or consumer accounts for file transfer. All you need to do is open the online upload and click the big + button, then pick a file, and then enter the email addresses then hit send. U can upload large file 5gb and its free.

No software installation is required.
The support is 100% free and you may send up to 5GB data at no cost.
Simple and interactive interface makes it simpler to share huge files, no specialized knowledge needed.


4. SendThisFile – Free File Sharing

Best Free File Sharing or Hosting Sites to Share Large Files Online

SendThisFile is another popular online file-sharing way of sending and receiving large files to and from anyone, anywhere. Sendthisfile is offer large file hosting and share into web. This web-based system makes it a lot easier to transfer large files securely with a share connection and an email plugin. It’s absolutely free to share files to your friends or family, however the file size is limited to 2GB.

Utilizes 128-bit encryption for secure file sharing on line.
There’s not any need to install any software to use this internet file sharing tool.


5. Ge.tt – Gett sharing

Best Free File Sharing or Hosting Sites to Share Large Files Online

Ge.tt is another very simple online file sharing solution to share files without registering for a account. This instrument makes file sharing quite simple, you can just drag and drop file onto this stage. And you can also upload many documents at one time. It is possible to get 2GB free storage area by enrolling. Many other like files sharing sites off to upload and share. If you trigger the account, you’ll receive a great deal more storage space and file size capacity.
Protects your privacy, the uploaded files will get deleted automatically in 30 days.
The realtime tallying function helps the sharer to discover how many people downloaded the shared file.


6. Files2U – Free File sharing

Best Free File Sharing or Hosting Sites to Share Large Files Online

Files2U Is among the best file sharing internet service which could solve your internet file sharing Needs without concern yourself with the restrictions of email or slowdowns of FTP. This Internet uploader has a simple interface That Will Help You talk about Huge files with other people. Name, select the documents you need to share and hit the upload button.

No registration required to use this internet file sharing support.
Secures the shared file by simply sending a pin number to the receiver which can be used to unlock the document.


7. Zippyshare – Free File Hosting

Best Free File Sharing or Hosting Sites to Share Large Files Online

Zippyshare is a free file sharing website that allows you to share huge files around 500MB. You can choose files or directly drag & drop your files for uploading and sharing. Then the uploaded documents can be easily share with a connection via email, message, social media, websites, forums or some other websites as you’d like. Zippyshare famous file sharing site many upload store mp3 files into zippyshare.
Offers unlimited disk space and does not require registering or installing applications.
Provides you the option to upload files in personal mode in the event you don’t want it to be more visible to all.


8. File Dropper – Free File sharing


Best Free File Sharing or Hosting Sites to Share Large Files Online

Is one of the easiest and most suitable free document sharing tools Currently in the marketplace. This web uploader comes with clean interface. You just need to upload the document you want to share, click on the share Link and the job is done. File dropper large file sharing website which allow most the extensions to upload. It allows you to upload any file kind of upward To 5GB and stores your files provided that they have been downloaded.

Provides you an embed code to share the uploaded file on websites and forums.
The premium plan of File Dropper even offers up you up to 250GB storage area.


9. WeTransfer – is a cloud-based computer file transfer service

Best Free File Sharing or Hosting Sites to Share Large Files Online

We Move is likely another very awesome file transfer software that is having pretty decent features for its users. The protocol that this File transfer software follows is very much secured, which makes it a popular choice amongst all the users. The overall interface of this software can be quite well developed by its own developers. That is why millions of users use We move applications on their devices to transfer files easily. There are a number of fewer constraints of this software which comprises No password protection protocol along with limited storage period etc. Upload and store your large file into wetransfer but using We Move software, you can move data of almost 2 GB in one go with no particular file size restriction. Once you fill all the required fields successfully, you will see that the file move is going to be finished in a few fewer seconds. The best part of the software is that there’s no need to get a registration process in this file transfer software. Just select the files which you want to move and also fill up the Mail addresses to successfully transfer the necessary data. We Move is open-source program, meaning that every consumer will be able to utilize it free of charge without any charge. The maximum file size which you can transfer employing this software is 2GB. Thus, remember these things and share files with your friends fast and hassle-free.


10. MailBigFile – Send and Share Big Files

Best Free File Sharing or Hosting Sites to Share Large Files Online

This file sharing site is another very excellent option for those users, which can be pretty popular among the users from all over the world. There are so many highlighting attributes concerning this software which are just incredible and virtually every consumer will enjoy them for sure.

As like We Move applications, Mail Big File software also enables its users to transfer a maximum of 2GB information at the same time. Moreover, this software only permits you to attach a maximum of 5 files at once, which isn’t an excellent feature for those users. Nevertheless, the main benefit of using this software is that the files that have been uploaded onto the server of this program will soon be available for downloading for fourteen days. So, users can quickly download the uploaded files in 10 days after being uploaded to the server.

There’s no such requirement of registration process with this particular software, making it an perfect choice for those users. The picture user-interface of this program is quite well-developed and handled by its brilliant developers. The encryption technology used in this program is the hottest one, and this is most likely the most important reason users use this software on a huge scale. This program is open-source applications which every user can use in their gadget for free.


11. MediaFire – File sharing and storage made simple

Best Free File Sharing or Hosting Sites to Share Large Files Online

Media Fire is another incredible pick for those users, and it can be a cloud-based file transfer software. Any user who have which URL can access the files that have been shared with any sender. After registering on this software for the very first time, you’ll get a free 10GB area on this software which can be further upgraded to 50GB by paying any subscription charges.

Furthermore, there is absolutely no such limitation of downloading documents from this program, which is probably the most crucial feature. That’s why Media Fire software was considered as a superior file transfer software, which is a cloud-based file transfer system. Privacy security is another essential characteristic of this cloud based file transfer software which will make certain that nobody can access your important files suspiciously. The subscription fees of the premium storage account is not quite high, making it an ideal choice as a good file transfer program. So, getting switched to this software for document transfer task isn’t a bad idea at all for certain.


12. JumboMail – Send large files up to 20GB

Best Free File Sharing or Hosting Sites to Share Large Files Online

JumboMail is another very best kind of file sharing site for users. JumboMail file sharing application will enable you to share documents of a maximum of 2GB in size even without performing the enrollment process. The total bandwidth of file sharing on this software can be raised by sharing this software together with your family and friends members. Now, that is surely a huge advantage for the users because there are fewer software packages that provide high storage space for their users for free.

The uploaded documents on JumboMail applications will continue long for approximately 7 odd days, and after this, those documents will be automatically deleted. The simple to use graphic user-interface of this software is something which can’t be ignored. The developers are optimizing the total functionality and file transfer speeds with this software to maximum degrees so as to guarantee user satisfaction. The password security feature will shortly be accessible for the users, which will boost the performance of this software for certain. Thus, JumboMail is a good sort of file transfer applications which is having fairly decent features and performance too.


13. Transfer Big Files for Free – Email or Send Large Files to Friends

Best Free File Sharing or Hosting Sites to Share Large Files Online

Another prevalent file transfer software for those users which is definitely having some excellent stuff in it. The best and the only benefit of using this software is that there isn’t any need to register yourself with this software to get started using the sharing of documents. However, files can only be shared with a maximum of 5 recipients, and this is most likely the only downside of this software.

On the other hand, the entire number of days in which you’ll be able to download the files that was shared is set to 7 days. So, that is the reason why it is an adequate option that can be considered with this listing. And as we mentioned, there is absolutely no such need to enroll yourself with this software to get started. Simply launch this software in your PC followed closely by selecting files and entering the recipient’s address will do your work. The overall graphic user-interface of the app is also fairly much appealing for its users, which makes it an ideal and decent option. This software also makes certain the shared info on this platform has to be having all of the security measures to stop data privacy. Thus, entire Files to Friends is a decent kind of file-sharing software, that is having decent features to amuse its users.


14. Terashare – Sharing large files has never been easier

Best Free File Sharing or Hosting Sites to Share Large Files Online

TeraShare is definitely the most amazing choice that you will get in this list of top file-sharing software. TeraShare is a combination of the P2P file-sharing cloud and system storage. However, to establish the P2P link between two devices, you want to install a third-party program in your device, which this software will automatically direct you. The downloading of this shared file at the recipient end begins immediately once the document is shared by the sender’s end. This is probably the most appealing feature of this software, which is quite great for its users. What’s more, if the total size of these documents is less than 10 GB, then that file will be automatically saved into the cloud in where the receiver can download anytime they want to. What’s more, files can be shared with as many numbers of users as you want to.

There is not any such limitation of sharing to the users. These were some advantages of the software, making it a class apart software for those users. Though the interface of the app isn’t too attractive and developed, still the total performance and features are excellent within our view. You need to install a little size program in your device to utilize this program to its maximum efficacy. The sharing process is online and through Email. Thus, use this program if you’ve enjoyed these features. We strongly recommend this program to our users because it is used on a huge scale by other users, making it a popular option for all. The overall installation size of this computer software is also not too large, which will make the sharing of files a hassle-free process.


15. TransferNow Send Large Files – Free Secure File Transfer

Best Free File Sharing or Hosting Sites to Share Large Files Online

Last but not the least, Transfernow is another very awesome kind Of file sharing tool for the users, which is very much effective in terms of performance. All you have to do is to create your free account on this particular software to begin sharing documents. Users will experience some brand new features in this software as soon as they enroll themselves on this computer software. Creating a legal account on this program is free for most customers. Users can also share files as a guest where they will not be able to go through the premium features of this software. What’s more, there is no restriction on many recipients and a total number of documents too. So, this is likely another very great reason why you will opt-out with this software.

Talking about the drawbacks of this program, then the very first point Which ought to be considered is that you have to enroll on this program to claim your free 3GB storage space. Another downside of the file-sharing tool is that the uploaded files on this computer software will stay on the server for 15 days for downloading purposes. Therefore, these were some pros and cons of the software file sharing application which has to be thought about before familiarizing yourself with this program.