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Finteza Adds Lighthouse Report to Fix Site Issues

Advanced webmasters analytics platform, Finteza has added a new Lighthouse report to improve the performance of websites.

Website performance is a major issue that Google tracks before ranking any website. Sites that offer an exceptional user experience are placed at the top of the search results.

Often, webmasters ignore the importance of site speed and accessibility. However, now Google has decided to promote sites that offer an impressive user experience and reduce the ranking of sites that are too slow to load or hard to interact.

A new set of metrics known as the Core Web Vitals is launched to analyze the performance of a website. Finteza has made it easier for webmasters to audit the Core Web Vitals issues of a domain. You need to login to the Finteza dashboard and visit the Performance section. The Lighthouse report improves the visibility of your project in the search results.

Top Advantages of The Lighthouse Report

Lighthouse report is a feature useful for general website audit. Here are the top advantages of using the Finteza Lighthouse report:

1- Helps To Fix the Core Web Vitals Issues

It analyzes the Core Web Vitals issues of your website. Core Web Vitals is a metric that powers the new Page Experience Update of Google. By fixing the Core Web Vitals issues, you can improve the visibility of your website in the organic search results.

2- Offers Recommendations to Improve The Performance of Your Website

Metrics such as LCP, FCP, Speed Index, Time to Interactive, Max Potential First Input Delay, and others are displayed along with recommendations to fix the issues. Optimizing for these metrics improves the user experience and leads to more traffic and conversions.


3- Makes Your Website Accessible

The tool also checks the accessibility of your website. Issues such as background contrast, link styling, font size, JavaScripts are checked to evaluate the website user accessibility. If the user is comfortable browsing and interacting with your site, then you can increase the opportunities for conversions.


4- Optimizes Your Website According To Google’s Best Practices

The best practices section evaluates browser errors in the console, image resolutions, fonts, and other metrics. There are 15 checks in total based on Google’s best practices. Optimizing for these checks help to improve your site rankings, keep your site safe to interact with, and improve your sales.


5- Fixes The SEO of Your Domain

The SEO report section checks canonical issues, title tags, HTTPS status code, structured data, and 15 other checks to improve the SEO of your website.

Where Can You Find The Lighthouse Report?

You can find the report in the Lighthouse section under the Performance menu.

When you click on the report, you will see a Performance score. It is a value on a scale of 1-100. The higher the score, the better is the performance of your website. Aim for a score of above 90 to increase the presence of your website in the search results.


Finteza is a powerful analytics solution that recognizes bad traffic, conducts audience analysis on the basis of geographical location and devices, compares the performance of pages, and optimizes the conversion rates. Now, the tool has added the Lighthouse report to improve the performance of a website in the search results. Leverage the power of FInteza to analyze and fix all website performance issues.


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