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Fix Why is My Ping So High

If you are an online gamer, and play fortnite, minecraft, overwatch, then you know how annoying a high ping is (Why is My Ping So High). If you are having difficulty connecting correctly to game servers, below are a few measures you may take to cure it.

If u have an question Why is My Ping So High in this article we will guide how to resolve problem of Why is My Ping So High in easy methods.


What is ping?

Basically, everyone will get an assumption that if they’re experiencing fast download and topnotch uploading rate, it means the internet connection is extremely fast and responsive. Aside from this, you have to think about ping. The ping will be important on the period of reaction. Suppose, a pc has asked to you via your computer means then at the time, should you consist of ping with 98ms will be taken to respond to that request in an effective manner.

Now it has been quite apparent that so as to make use of ping you need to need a very low time of ping. In the event you and your friends are playing online games and connected with each other’s and getting ping time around 150 or more, then confident you will an huge number of issues. At the time only, lag will happen.

In previous days, ping does not matter for playing matches. However, as time become quite important, the very low ping time becomes quite visible. This is the significant motive, where the minimal ping gets very much important whilst enjoying the game.

Procedure to measure the speed of ping:

  • Via making use of speedtest.net or speedmeter.pk, you can able to test the internet connection latency in a top notch manner.
  • No matter which below 20ms ping will be very much effective. But at the same time, anything above 150ms will lead to the lagging issue.
  • So on the whole; even if you have fastest PC gaming with high ping will take you to suffer from lag.
  • It is always better to consider the ping at a very low rate.

1. Watch Your Network With Task Manager

Windows 10 will let you see what applications are using the most network bandwidth behind the scenes and why is my ping so high. You’ll often find automatic downloads, online videos and music taking up a bunch.

Step 1. Press Crtrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager.

Step 2. Press More Details.

Step 3. Sort the Network column in descending order (from high to low) to see the applications that are using the most bandwidth.


Task Manager Network

Step 4. Close applications using a high amount of bandwidth (unless it’s a system process).


2. Disable Windows Automatic Updates

Use method 2 to resolve why is my ping so high. Windows downloads updates without your permission, so they can be running whilst you try to game. Since you can’t pause an update that has already started, it can ruin your online gaming experience.

The preferred method of addressing this is to use a new Windows 10 setting that lets you choose how much bandwidth Windows updates are allowed to consume. For those of us that don’t live in gigabit neighborhoods, Windows taking 40% of the available speed is unacceptable.

Step 1. Head to the Settings app, then to Update & Security.

Step 2. From here, press Advanced options.

Adv Options 1

Step 3. Now you’ll want to look for Delivery Optimisation.

Delivery Optimisation

Step 4. Press advanced options yet again.

Adv Options Del Optimisation

Step 5. Drop your upload and download bandwidth percentage. A limit  of 10% works well, as it’s not enough to notice the difference whilst you game, but, the updates still get done in a reasonable amount of time.

W10 Download Limit

Another way to fix this is to tell Windows that your network is metered. That is, trick Windows into thinking you have limited data on a particular WiFi network, and that you need it to not download updates whilst connected to it.

When you’re ready to download the update, connect to another WiFi network or disable the metered setting and Windows will download it as normal.

Step 1. From the settings app, head to Network & Internet.

Step 2. Press Ethernet from the lift sidebar.

Step 3. Click on the network you are currently connected to.

Step 4. Switch on the Set as metered connection toggle.

Metered Connection

Be sure to switch this off occasionally, or you might miss out on critical security and driver updates.

Also be warned that automatic Windows app updates and network-shared updates will be disabled. For these two reasons, it’s often better to only turn this on before a gaming session.


3. Address Common Router Issues

Your ping can be reduced if you don’t have a solid connection to your internet router. Here are a few ways to can drop your ping further:

  • Move closer to your WiFi router or connect directly with an Ethernet cable.
  • Turn off other devices using the network.
  • Restart your router.

4. Disable Network Throttling

Windows has a built-in setting that limits your bandwidth to what your computer can handle.

Results will vary and it might cause more harm than good, but it’s worth playing with the settings to see if it works for you to solve why is my ping so high.

We’ll need to play with some internet Windows settings, so follow carefully.

Step 1. Search Windows for Regedit.

Step 2. Follow the the following program path, using the arrow next to each folder to to open the next: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile.

Step 3. Whilst you have the SystemProfile folder selected, double click on NetworkThrottlingIndex.

Regedit 2018 03 30 20 54 36

Step 4. Change Value data to ffffffff with the Hexadecimal base still selected.

Regedit 2018 03 30 21 35 08

5. Reset Windows Connection Settings

As a last resort, you can run the Windows 10 Network reset to solve why is my ping so high. The reset installs all of your drivers and software that interact with your network connection, including VPNs.

If you’re willing to take the time to set everything back up, then the network reset will fix many common internet connection problems.

You’ll find the function under Settings > Network and Internet > Network reset.

6. Consider New Hardware and a New Internet Provider

If none of the steps above reduced your game ping, then it might be time to invest in a new internet router. A better router will provide a more stable connection that can handle more devices connected to the network.



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