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How Data Sharing Improves the Danish Consumers’ online Capabilities

Not everyone is aware of this, but in Denmark it is actually the case that all internet service providers share their data with the Danish Energy Agency on the website TjekDitNet.dk which means “check your internet”. But why do they actually do that? What is the benefit for the consumers? And how can internet providers benefit from sharing their information and data with ann consumers at once? We try to give you the answers to these and many other questions in this article – so keep on reading and become much wiser about how the Danish internet system actually works.

Why all Danish internet service providers share their data with The Danish Energy Agency

The website TjekDitNet bases it’s concept on determining all data concerning fixed networks and mobile broadband in Denmark obtained directly from the internet service providers and telecom operators. On the website you can find xDSL/copper connections, cable TV, fiber broadband and fixed wireness internet. The internet providers themselves report their speeds and offers of various subscriptions and types of internet to the Danish Energy Agency (Energistyrelsen), which communicates it on the website. The ISPs report their highest available possible speeds and the highest technically possible speeds. However, the information that providers report must also live up to some guidelines, such as that the information must reflect the real speed that the consumers can actually expect on a daily basis.

For ISPs, the advantage of sharing their data lies in ensuring transparency in the internet and broadband market. Not all internet providers can deliver internet at all addresses in Denmark. In addition, consumers in Denmark can benefit from the fact that such a website will provide an overview of what types of internet that are available at their particular address, and you could also quickly see which internet provider you should contact in order to get this internet subscription.

How to find the best internet service providers in Denmark

When looking for a good internet provider in Denmark that offers internet at your private address, you could make use of a comparison service such as TjekBredbaand.dk which is one of the largest and most well-established comparison sites for internet in Danmark. This site can quickly give you a great overview of the best and cheapest providers of internet at your location. On this site you are guaranteed the biggest overview and the best user experience.

The smart thing about using a comparison service is that you can also enter your own address and with a few clicks get a complete overview of the IPSs that can provide internet on this address. So it is a really good and easy way to get an overview of the ISPs and internet subscriptions and speeds that you can choose from when looking for internet for your home address.

Top factors to look for when choosing your internet service provider

When looking for a good internet connection and the perfect internet service provider it is important to consider three factors, namely:

  • What are you going to use the internet for?
  • How many people are going to connect to the internet at the same time?
  • Where do you live (what is your address)?

Your internet usage – that is, what you need to use the internet for – has a big impact on the internet speed that you will need. The less internet usage need you have, the lower speed you will need. And also the other way around, the more people who need to use the internet at the same time, the higher speed you will need. And finally, your address – as we have already mentioned – also matters as to what type of internet is available as well as what speeds and providers you can choose from.

Why is it so easy to change your ISP (Internet Service Provider)?

The reason why it is so easy to change your ISP when living in Denmark ist – amongst other things – that all Internet service providers provide their data to the Danish Energy Agency (Energistyrelsen). This gives the consumers an overview of the market but also saves them time when searching for an internet connection because they do not have to collect quotes from all ISPs but only the ones that are available on their specific address.


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