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How Social Media Can Help and Hurt Your Career

More than 72% of people in the world are using the internet. And most of them are social media users. They are using Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, etc. You can use these social media platforms to communicate with your family, friends, or grandparents. Another significant usage of social media platforms is to promote and grow businesses; for instance, YouTube is one of the best platforms used to promote business, and it is a significant source of income for bloggers and a great advertisement platform for companies. That’s why they do all they can to get likes on YouTube.

Almost seventy percent of companies and employers are using social networks to boost their business. They also use these platforms to select or reject applicants. As social media boosts your career, it can also hurt your career. It depends on you how you use it.

How social media helps your career?

  • First of all, you must build a social network. You should be ready to search on social networks anytime. It would help if you did more than online. It is necessary to ensure your social media profiles are active and work for your benefit. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram mustn’t hold something that could hinder you from getting a job.
  • Talk on social networks to your connections and join groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. You should enter the discussions and be engaged in your communications. Keep in touch with your former or current contacts that belong to your profession and recruit employees.
  • Social media sites can help you and give advantages in searching for jobs and internships.
  • If you have access to social media sites like Twitter or Facebook, you can search for companies that publish job advertisements, not mentioning that new SM algorithms will show you mostly those ads that match your interests.

You can use these social media sites to boost your career.

Use LinkedIn

  • One of the best social media sites is LinkedIn if you are looking for a job to grow your career.
  • Use LinkedIn search for jobs to improve your visibility and your connections so that employers can search for you quickly.
  • If you think applying for a technical job on LinkedIn, you will see a post that the applicant recommended is preferred.

How does social media hurt your career?

  • It is the fact that your activities after your work can hurt your career. To find out which activities involve you should avoid this behavior.
  • However, social media sites give many benefits, but these also threaten to keep online privacy individually.
  • If you are social media employed and your activities are harmful and affecting your job, it may even cause the deactivation of your account.
  • More than sixty percent of recruiters polled indicated that a negative SM behavior  will have a negative effect on an applicant’s chance of getting the job.
  • About 50% of the recruiters see political rants as a red flag.
  • If there are grammar and spelling mistakes in your personal SM posts, it could be highly affecting your job. About 48% of recruiters see poor grammar and spelling as a sign of poor education. Always try to avoid grammar or spelling mistakes.


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