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How to Become an Instagram Influencer


Becoming an Instagram influencer is an easy way to make big bucks – when you know how. In fact, it’s extremely lucrative and what’s more, if you love social media and spend your life browsing the different platforms then it’s a job that you’ll enjoy waking up to every day.  You could potentially earn a lot of money depending on how many Instagram followers you have and the engagement each of your posts receives.

For example, a good influencer who’s just starting out could earn around $50+ per post, whereas an established influencer with millions of followers could earn $5,000+ per post.

So, it’s worth looking into how to become a successful Instagram influencer.  It’s not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight unless you choose to spend money on your Instagram profile and buy genuine Instagram followers.  Lots of Instagram influencers started out their influencing career by buying Instagram followers.  With genuine accounts, it’s the best way to get your content viewed quickly and gain those all-important likes.  Do watch out though – don’t get shadow banned!  Here’s a useful article to help you understand what that is and how to avoid it: https://www.soup.io/have-you-been-shadow-banned-what-does-shadow-banned-mean-and-what-can-you-do-about-it

Here are some more important things you need to do to grow a successful Instagram account.

Buy Instagram Views

Unlike other buy Instagram views services, our accounts are absolutely genuine, and they’ll help grow your fanbase quickly so you get noticed.  Buy Instagram views through 1394TA, it’s really affordable and if you want to ramp up your Instagram fast, it’s the quickest, most efficient way to grow an Instagram profile.

Choose an Area You Love

We’re talking about the type of account you want.  Passionate about cars?  Make that your focus.  Love interiors?  Concentrate on curating stunning rooms.  Love make-up?  Make your account about the latest color trends and supply lots of tutorials.  If you love a particular area, then that should be what your account is about because then it will be easier to create original content as you’ll already have plenty of knowledge on the topic.  Don’t just copy what someone else is doing either, if they’re already doing it well, ripping them off won’t do you any favors!  You need to be original and unique to really get noticed on Instagram.  However, you should look at similar accounts and note what they do well, then, just do it but do it even better with your own twist.

Write a Captivating Bio

Influencers’ bios are important and Instagram users read them so make yours fun.  Don’t make it too long, a catchy, short bio that captures what you’re all about is sufficient.  It’s the first thing that others see about you.  Make sure you tag the type of account you’ve created – for example, if you’re a car enthusiast, make sure you say that so that people know what your Instagram account is all about.

Be Emotional

It’s not just about images and use captions too.  Use your images to tell your stories, make them connect with the audience and give them some emotion.  Imagine the viewer as your friend, talk to them the same way you’d chat to friends, share your feelings, be honest.  That’s what people want to see – real emotion and honesty.  It’s those aspects that connect you to others.

Be Consistent

Don’t just switch your style because that will confuse your audience, you need your images to be consistent with each other.  So, while visual appeal is essential, so is consistency and your imagery should have a recognizable style that’s different to other accounts.  This is one of the elements that makes your Instagram profile original and unique.

Post Regularly

Don’t over-post, that can put people off your Instagram profile but do be consistent so post every day two or three times.  Don’t post one image or video after the other either and play around with your posts.  Make a note of the times of the day when you get more engagement.  Then, rank your posts in terms of likes and views.  Those with the biggest engagement will be key and tell you when the best time of day to post is for your account, along with the type of content that resonates with your followers.  Don’t forget to run regular promotions as well, with brands to grow your Influence and your presence, here’s a useful article to help you do this: https://www.reliablecounter.com/blog/need-some-ideas-for-instagram-promotion-look-no-further-than-this-guide/

Check your Punctuation and Grammar

There’s nothing more off-putting than an Instagram post with lots of mistakes!  Of course, we’re all human and we make mistakes but don’t post in a hurry, do it with time on your hands so you can check and recheck your post before it goes live.  If you are busy doing another job then schedule time in your diary to plan out a week’s worth of posts, so they’re perfected and ready to go without you thinking about it.  There are lots of tools online that allow you to schedule in advance, you don’t even have to post, the tools post your content automatically on your behalf.

Use Hashtags

Any influencer worth their salt uses hashtags and they’re used so other Instagrammers can find your posts.  There’s a maximum of 30 hashtags allowed per post but that’s a lot – we’d say 10 is sufficient.  Look at the high-search hashtags as they’re the ones that will most likely pick up your content. Play around with your hashtags and search them yourself before you post your content, this will show you how popular they are – or not!

Turn Your Insta Account into a Business Account

A business account is best if you really want to be a serious Instagrammer. When you have a business account you can also run your own advertising campaign and promote your posts, so they get more views.