It becomes a huge turmoil when you cannot find the best hosting provider for your website. The web host does not only have to be reliable but also needs to show complete trust in security and privacy aspects. You can be a tech enthusiast or a business owner, the only way to get credibility, visibility and notability is through the selection of a befitting website host.  

Some hosting plans have incredible features and the customer support is top notch. But the only issue is that they happen to be very costly. If you are on a budget and you require a website with affordable hosting and quick development for your personal portfolio – here are the following tips you can duly consider. 

  1. Identify web hosting type

Since types of web hosting are aplenty, you are given the responsibility to choose a hosting type that fits your needs better. While the hosting provider can help you in this phase, it is still better to go about it yourself and learn how each phase proceeds towards finding the right hosting. Now if you have a static website in mind, shared hosting is the best option since you would not have to share a lot of data. However, if it is a website with heavy traffic hosting types like dedicated hosting or virtual private servers are a good selection.  

  1. When to choose shared hosting

Just as its name suggests, shared hosting is where more than one website users share a single web server. It is simple to implement and set-up but with more website scalability, it becomes difficult and complicated to handle. Our suggestion for new website owners is to always get cheap shared hosting initially as you can get it as cheap as $1 (see this list at top5hosting). If website traffic increases and there comes the need to upgrade the server, a reliable hosting provider would do it for you. Since it is the cheapest option, it is great to just understand the basics of running a website. 

  1. Virtual private servers are more scalable

As mentioned before, virtual private servers tend to be more scalable just like dedicated hosts. Shared hosting is a lot different from a VPS since virtual servers give the most importance to security but with more refined features, the cost increases exponentially as well. But if you think having more control on your website resources, data and management options is good  then VPS is the one you need. Security options are also quite advanced so you would not have to face any security breaches. 

  1. Dedicated hosting options are secure

While you would wonder what makes dedicated hosting so special since it only gives you more control and access but that is not everything about it. Dedicated web servers are the best possible option for websites with high authority or websites that need more speed. Server power plays a very important role here. As compared to shared hosting, dedicated servers are solely yours and you are not asked to share the space with other websites. That automatically improves its performance. But again, it is costly and only better if it is a non-static website. 

  1. Know the type of website you want

Once you have been given the information about hosting types and you know which out the three you want, the next is to find the type of website you are building. Since it is a portfolio website for you, it might required more data. You should not focus on getting unlimited data at first but make that your primary goal. Start off low and get less storage but over the time, keep upgrading it so your website and its data sustains better.  


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