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How to Find an Email of Influencers

When speaking of having a successful business, marketing is a mandatory factor that has to be well thought and planned out. That is where you can work with influencers to generate profits with the help of their platform and advertise your product. Authenticity is one of the benefits that can be gained by having influential people market your product and say nice things about it.

Most of the times it doesn’t even have to be a cool or revolutionary product, as it was proven that people will choose to consume content from relatable influencers. As opposed to receiving that content from a soulless and faceless corporation. These are some of the subjects that we will talk about, how to find influencers and what benefit from their platform.

Use Your Network

When you want to start your search for influencers, a good idea would be to go through your list of acquaintances and friends and check out for any newly minted, hidden, influencers that might be there. After that process is done, you can move to the 2nd layer and check your friends’ friends, because the world is a small place and you never know.

Another good idea that can help you in your search to get influencers to promote your product is to look for hashtags on Instagram, such as #sponsoredpost or #sponsored. That way you will have instant access to thousands or even tens of thousands of content creators that are influencers.

Monitor and Reach Out

This will mostly help the smaller companies, but not only. Following your competitors’ social channels will let you know what they are working on and stay informed about all the influencer campaigns. What is clear is that you can associate your company with your larger competitors by engaging with the same influencers as them, and present them with your sample job descriptions.

Now let’s see what we know about how to reach out to influencers, as this is the next step after the scanning and filtering process is done. The most common method to contact influencers is via their e-mail address. Usually, most of the influencers have their email address in their profile bio.

The alternative way would be to tweet them or send them a straight DM (Direct Message) on Instagram.

What To Say

Several key details need to be included in your messages, such as campaign objectives, deliverables, or deadlines. This is your way of telling them why you would like to collaborate with them. We hope it goes without saying that, ideally, 100% of your emails are personalized for every influencer that you want to reach and find a job.The good news is that several templates are available and they require you only to switch out some of the sentences and craft your personalized emails using minimum effort.

If you use an email hunter platform, you will cut by half your effort input for manually searching and going through thousands of names and profiles. This kind of platform will help you find emails by running some strict algorithms and delivering a list of candidates.

Improve Your Follow-Up Game

We believe we can agree that it is normal that, sometimes, you don’t get to hear back from people that you have contacted, and you don’t have to make it the end of the story. When you do familiarize yourself with email account finder platforms, you will see that they have a CRM system that will document and organize your reports by popular categories.

This will help you keep track of your conversations or interactions for a better management solution when trying to get influencers to share your content. Follow-ups are an accepted form of requiring an answer and they can also be seen as opportunities for displaying a little bit of personality.

All Your Campaigns Have To Be Trackable

It’s a classic sales strategy that has proven to be helpful, and that is providing a unique promo to your influencers, to be used by their followers. Combine that with a platform such as Signalhire and develop your further strategies. A good start would be to use Google Analytics also, as it can be a powerful tool to own, especially if you’re a smaller company that is just entering this game.

If you think about it, all you have to do is to receive input about the type of content that clicks well with the influencer’s audience. The email finder will be useful in this part, as you can use the data after you get contacts and filter them according to your needs.

As a conclusion, all we can say about growing a successful online business selling products, an email hunter will definitely boost your productivity, as it can save a considerable amount of time. A time that can be invested in other important parts of your business, such as engaging with your clients or developing your next strategy.


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