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How To Find Someone Email: Tools, Tricks, Tactics

Phone sellers annoy us all: they call at an inconvenient time, offer unnecessary garbage, speak like robots, they have to patiently listen to their memorized introductions since education does not allow them to be sent right away. But what about when we need to make and sell something: a startup product, a company service, ourselves as a specialist?

If your potential buyer is a person from the digital world, in which, as we know, calling is considered indecent, then you need to test the sales channel via e-mail.

To achieve success, several things will help:

  • list of potential customers;
  • an understandable and marketable product;
  • the ability to clearly and without familiarity present your proposal in two paragraphs;
  • good presentation in the attachment;
  • the email of the decision-maker.

In this article, we will talk about how to find an email address with a name.

Find a person’s email address on his company’s website

Imagine a situation among readers some people are not at all familiar with the topic, and we will start with the basics. You got to the website of a certain company and realized that it was your potential client, and even found a box-like info@company.com on the contact page. Do not rush to write on it: in most cases, it will be a letter to nowhere.

Take a closer look at the site: view all contact pages, about the company, about the team. You may be able to find the name and mail of the head responsible for the direction you need. Today’s executives often post private mail in public access, alluding to their availability when problems arise. Therefore, find an email will be easy.

If you can download a press kit, presentation, or company report from the site, scroll through them: on the last slide you can find the contacts of key people. It also makes sense to study the company’s blog and view the profiles of post authors or the “Press about us” section. Often there are publications published mentioning the first persons of the company, from such posts you will find out their names, and this is half the battle.

Find a person’s email address in search engines

You can use the advanced search from Google. First, try building a query using the following formulas:

  • [name] + email / email address;
  • [name] + contact / contact information / contact me

If this does not help, you need to get more creative with the help of search operators. Try to search for the necessary information on the company website, for example:

  • site: companywebsite.com + [name] + email;
  • site: companywebsite.com + [name] + contact.

All of the above methods are the basics of information search and allow you to find, if not an email address, then at least the name of the right person. And then tricks and advanced email search tools come into use, known to experienced digital sellers and recruiters, but not to the general public. Now we will restore justice a little and talk about such tricks.

Advanced Search Tactics

The main trick with finding out e-mail addresses is that if these are corporate addresses, then all of them are built according to certain templates that combine different spellings of the name and surname. Let us cite the most popular as an example:





Knowing the name and surname of the addressee, as well as the company’s website, you will be very likely to find the person’s address using these templates.

Find a business email address with a search engine for emails

If all of the above methods did not suit you, and you did not find the right person – do not be discouraged. To find a business email address you need will help email lookup tool, which with absolute confidence will find the necessary mailbox.

To use this feature, just go to the email search engine website and fill in all the necessary fields. The system will automatically find the required email address.


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