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How to make your written content valuable to your readers

After writing something, copy-editing is, of course, always important to ensure your readers will understand your text. Their reading experience will obviously be ruined if it has spelling errors or is incoherent. But using the correct spelling and grammar will not on its own catch the attention of your readers. You also need to create value for them by offering interesting and relatable content. But how can you do that? Find out in this article.

What does it mean to create value for your readers?

First, let’s consider the term “valuable content”. Because what does that actually mean? Basically, it means that the content gives something to the readers that they did not have before reading it. It could be that your text has inspired them, taught them something new, moved them emotionally or solved a problem for them.

Now you might think: “Isn’t each person moved or inspired by different things?” Yes, of course! This is why it is so important to understand your target group, which is covered in the following point.

Understand your target group

So, if you want to write content that is valuable to your readers, you first need to get to know them. Ask yourself questions like: What things are my target group interested in? What can I teach them? How can I touch them emotionally? What problems can I help them solve?

By creating content based on the answers to such questions, you signal to your target audience that you know how you they feel and that you understand their needs. This is important for creating trust.

Angle your subject with your readers in mind

If you have to write about a specific subject, let us say the products or services that your company sells, you have to ask yourself: Does my target group find that subject interesting? If not, how can I angle it differently to make it more relevant for them?

For example, if the purpose of your text is to sell a specific product – let’s say a curling iron – simply explaining its different features will not give your readers that much value. Instead, write a guide on how to style hair using the product. In this way, you can give value to your readers by teaching them something new and inspiring them.

Meet your readers on their level

Continuing the above point, it is important to meet your readers on their level. That is, you have to explain the subject to them from their point of view. Otherwise, you may end up losing them halfway through because they are bored or because they do not understand what you have written.

For example, if you want to inform your everyday citizens about a heavy-going topic that has a lot of technical terms, then it is important to look beyond your own professional competence so that you can explain the subject in everyday language.

A very present example is the Covid-19 pandemic. The health authorities had an important job in informing the population of symptoms, precautions, the reproduction rate, vaccines etc. It was essential to explain everything in a way so that people knew exactly what to be aware of without being confused by complex medical terms. Conversely, if your text is for medical professionals, they would be bored and perhaps feel talked down to if you explained such a subject using everyday language.

So, to sum up, a good point of orientation when writing is always to ask yourself: Does my text create value for my readers by, for example, inspiring them, teaching them something, moving them emotionally or solving a problem for them? If you can answer yes to this question, then your content should be considered valuable and you have done a good job.


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