Fax online seems practically impossible and grammatically wrong. However, thanks to the latest technology and the development of online fax, it is all possible. You can now send an international fax online.

If the costing of owning a fax machine is prohibitive, you can now use an online fax service. The service is even faster and cost-effective than a traditional fax machine.

Here, we show you how to send international fax online for free using a reliable online fax service.

1. CocoFax – The most reliable international online fax service

CocoFax is an online fax service that lets you send international fax using a web browser. With CocoFax, you have an unparalleled Google Fax service click here to go on Google Fax Free.

CocoFax online fax service promises to cut the cost of communication in small and large businesses. The service let you send local and international fax online, according to GoogleFaxFree source. What’s more, it gives you 30 days of a free trial.

Millions of users trust CocoFax to send and receive both local and international faxes. This online fax service has gained the attention of international media outlets among them Forbes.

1.1 What CocoFax delivers to its users

CocoFax comes with multiple features that make it the perfect online fax service. Below are some of CocoFax features and capabilities that differentiate it from the competition.

Lifetime storage

CocoFax automatically archives all sent and received faxes. Unlike other online fax services that save only the last 200 faxes, CocoFax archives everything.

For as long as you continue using the services, all the faxes will be available. Best of all, CocoFax gives you an organised way to access the archived faxes.

Free fax number

With CocoFax, you get a free custom fax number. Besides, you also get 30 days of service free of charge after registering. CocoFax lets you access premium package.


With CocoFax, you get a versatile online fax service. The service lets you send and receive local and international faxes from different platforms. You can fax from your computer, smartphone and tablet.

What’s more, CocoFax is not limited by the operating system of the device you use. You can send a fax from your email or using a web browser.

Reliable, fast and secure

CocoFax sends you delivery notifications of both sent and received faxes. Also, you get to send international faxes instantly without any delays.

CocoFax uses encryption to protect your fax as it is transmitted across the world. The online fax service ensures no one has access to your confidential fax.

2. How to send international fax online for free using CocoFax

Many businesses around the world use CocoFax for business communication. CocoFax is the go-to online fax service if you want a service that reflects your level of professionalism.

This online fax service makes sending international faxes easy and fast as if faxing locally. To send an international fax using CocoFax, you require several things:

  • CocoFox account
  • Fax number (necessary if you are to send and receive faxes)
  • Exit code
  • International country code
  • Recipient fax address

Below are the steps to follow:

Step 1: In your web browser, visit the official CocoFax website and register for an account. You will get 30 days of free trial with CocoFax and a custom fax number.

Step 2: In your CocoFax dashboard, click the ‘New Fax’ button. A pop-up window will appear. Use it to create new fax. In the ‘To’ field provide the recipient fax address.

It should take this format [Exit code] [Country code] [Fax number]. So, it should look something like this 011 86 123456. Next, fill in the ‘Subject’ field if necessary.

Also, create the cover page of your fax and include any attachment your want. CocoFax lets you attach pdf, doc,docx, xls, xlsx, png and jpg files. It automatically merges all the files into a single file.

Step 3: After cross-checking your fax content, click the ‘Send’ button. CocoFax will send your fax instantly from your computer.

You will receive a delivery notification shortly notifying you if the fax was delivered or not.


With Cocofax, you can now send an international fax instantly without any delays. Just remember to follow the format shown. Give CocoFax a try today, you may be surprised what you are missing.


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