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How to Use Facebook Bots For Small Businesses


Chatbots are the future of customer service. That’s because they make customer servicing more effective by connecting with your customers, and at the same time reduce operational costs. That’s why they are ideal for your small business. 

What are Facebook Bots? 

Facebook bots or any other chatbots are automated messages that answer some of the frequently asked questions your customer is likely to ask you. For instance, the price of a product, your operational hours, the availability of a product, etc. 

Your customers can access these bots through the Facebook messenger. So, for example, your customer wants to inquire about your business hours. When he opens Facebook Messenger, the bot gives him the option among other frequently asked questions. As soon as he clicks on the option, he gets his answer. No need to type the answer or wait for the operator to reply. 

Why Use Facebook Bot 

Small businesses are using Facebook Bots to: 

Improve Customer Service 

Customers nowadays want their questions answered now. They don’t like waiting on the phone to get connected to a customer service representative. Facebook Bots create a database of common questions your customers might ask and their answers. So, every time your customer asks a question, he is directed to the answer right away. 

Build Awareness 

Every time a customer sends you a message on Facebook messenger, you could offer them a list of services. You could encourage them to visit your product or service page. Give them a little extra information to connect with them on a higher level. 

Speed up Connections 

Small businesses usually do not have an advanced communication system to connect with their customers. A hack in the system or power failure could mean losing all connection with your customers. A chatbot fixes that by answering your questions or booking appointments even when there is no person on the other end. 

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How to Setup Your Facebook Bot 

Though it may not look like it, setting Facebook Bots is a very simple process. You can do it in less than 20 minutes. Here’s how: 

Connect Your Facebook To ChatFuel 

Open www.chatfuel.com and click on ‘Get Started for free’. Make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account while you do that. Once you click on get started, Chatfuel will take you to your Facebook account. Select the page you want to create a bot for. 

Give ChatFuel access to all the recommended functions. Select your Free or Pro plan. We recommend the free plan, in the beginning, to understand if Chatfuel is for you. 

Follow Through the Built-in ChatFuel Tutorial 

Once your account is connected, it is fairly simple to set up your Facebook bot. Fill out the form that pops up after you connect Chatfuel with your designated Facebook page.  

Create Your Welcome Message 

That’s the first thing you should do when creating your bot. Select Welcome Message from Chatfuel’s left-hand side menu. 

Introduce yourself in the welcome message. Let your audience know that they are interacting with a bot. This helps avoid any confusion or frustration later. 

In your welcome message, include a call to action button. Something along the lines of ‘How can I help you?’ 

Set up Questions 

What’s your purpose of setting up the bot. Is it to answer frequently asked questions, track delivery, generate leads, or save the time of customer service? 

Depending on your purpose, consider the questions your customers will be asking you. For example, if you are a spa and are planning to use chatbots to book appointments. You can ask a question like, ‘Would you like to book an appointment?’. For the answer, you can either direct the user towards a specific URL or give them a phone number to book their appointment.   

Set up AI 

Once you have set up the questions and the answers in the block, the next step is to set up AI. Go to Setup AI on the left-hand side menu. Here’s where you have to get creative. Think of the message your customer will type for him to access your question block. 

For example, if he types Hi, you might want to set him up to your Welcome Message. You can set up more than one rule. For example, if he asks about location, you can direct him to the block where you have listed your contact details. 

Launch the Chatbot 

Once you have set up you’re AI system, the next step is to launch the whole thing. Head over to the grow button on the left-hand menu. Click on Submit your bot to the Messenger Discovery Section. Done! 

Other than Chatfuel, you can also set up your Facebook bot with other tools like Streamchat, MobileMonkey, ManyChat, etc.