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Liquidblox Website Builder Vs WordPress

Are you looking for the best website builder?

Well, let’s talk about the facts!

Sales in the E-commerce section are predicted to achieve a milestone of $5 trillion by the beginning of 2021, and with such an opportunity, creating a website is made easier by major platforms such as Liquidblox and WordPress.

While Liquidblox is driven more towards creating an online Shopify store, WordPress is open source and can use plug-ins such as woo-commerce for online business purposes.

In conclusion, both are great players in this niche. However, they do differ in their services. Therefore, through the medium of this article, we will help you choose the one that matches your requirements.

By the time you finish reading this guide, you will have a sure-shot vision of whether Liquidblox or WordPress matches your business’s needs.

The Line of difference

Liquidblox is better termed as a visual website builder – A platform where non-tech-savvy people can make their own websites without any coding skills and in return they have to pay a small amount of money to keep their website up and running – and that’s what Liquidblox does.

However, WordPress varies slightly in these terms. It is available in two types:

  • WordPress.com
  • WordPress.org

WordPress.com is used specifically as a blogging platform and acts as a website builder to let you create your own website. On the other hand, wordpress.org is a self-hosted platform and works on advanced technicalities.

This comparison will include wordpress.org as the challenger since it allows us to create any type of website (stores too).

The scale of pros and cons

Although both the platforms are fulfilled with numerous benefits, they have their own set of pros and cons. That’s what we are about to discuss, let’s start with Liquidblox:


  • You don’t need to be a nerdy coder or a geek to use Liquidblox. You can create your own website from scratches.
  • One of the main purposes it is used is because it can easily integrate with Shopify to create e-commerce and one of the leading Shopify website builder. Their 24*7 customer support ensures you are able to run a successful business online.
  • You can use third-party plug-in and add-ons with this tool and can be easily be used by freelancers, startups, SMEs, and agencies.


  • The website builder is not as bulky and complicated as WordPress.
  • If you use it to integrate with Shopify, the payment system is handled in the same manner as Shopify.

Now let’s talk about WordPress:


  • It is highly customizable and provides flexibility in modification.
  • It is easier to use because of its new editor known as “Gutenberg”.
  • There are several helpful resources available online that will help you to learn everything about the platform in a couple of days.


  • A little amount of technical expertise is required to use this platform efficiently.
  • Expenses can grow bigger anytime and depends largely on your purpose.
  • You need to pay for everything – Hosting, security, domain, etc.

Ease of use

This might sound a little biased but the ease of use is what dominates this comparison. After all, you are a business and all you need is the purpose of making sales online. For that, you don’t give a damn about coding and technicality and want to keep things as simple as you can.

Talking about Liqidblox, you don’t even need to type a single line of code for making a website with it. You get an interactive dashboard access from where you can manage everything for your website. It is no less than a control room of your website.

Moreover, from a business point of view, making your product listing is easy as well. You get the option of both adding them one by one and in bulk.

On the other hand, WordPress is slightly complex for a beginner and an entry-level coding expertise is still required by this platform. Moreover, it is not something made just for business so you will need third party applications for e-commerce.

WordPress also has an amazing dashboard where major edits are possible but with such a greater number of features, it always becomes a little confusing.

In conclusion

By keeping the above points in mind, no doubt that Liquidblox is the best platform for a business – You need not install any additional software, pay extra fees, or use third-party plug-ins. That’s all we have for today.


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