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Mobile Phone Signal Booster Benefits and Why You Need Them?

In today’s modern-day, mobile phones have become an integral and indispensable part of our life. We wish to stay close to our phones throughout our life, as we want to stay connected to everyone and stay knowledgeable ahead of time. Technology has advanced immensely to bring the signal reception to our doorstep; however, it has not been able to reach perfection. Many of the times, people experience unclear voice, call drops and too many buffers. All these happen because of the sluggish and weak signals of the mobile network. No matter how expensive the phone is, you are not able to use it optimally. They serve as a weapon to deal with all the problems related to your mobile network, for good single strength look at the best products at www.phoneboosters.co.uk. In this article, we would describe in detail how using a signal booster can change your life for good.

How can the signal booster help you?

The bad reception of the network on your mobile is primarily because of you at a considerable distance from the network tower or broadcaster. The work of the cellular broadcasters is to transfer a signal into your cell phone, but they fail to do so if you go beyond the coverage area. The coverage area is the total area within which the broadcaster may reach. When you move away from one tower, the other tower catches connection and it continues.

Mobile companies have tried their best to provide network signal at the remotest areas, however, they have not been able to be successful always. When you reach the edge of a cellular tower, the quality of the calls degrades and you experience a malfunction. The area where you do not get any access to the mobile network is considered to be a dead zone. The wireless signal booster comprises three parts and they are a signal amplifier, an external antenna and an internal antenna that work together to boost up the cellular signal.

The types of mobile signal boosters

The signal boosters can be classified mainly into two groups. They are:

  • Analog Boosters – They are the basic versions of the boosters, which are also known as Bi-directional amplifiers or BDA. These amplifiers work with broadband and are used for all phone carriers available in the market and at all frequencies. There is an external antenna for such boosters and the whole kit needs to assembled and installed before use. Analog boosters are supposedly said to have a gain value of about 63 dB to 70 dB.
  • Smart Boosters – The smart boosters as the name suggests does more than just boosting up the mobile signal. It is considered that they clean up the signals before they broadcast them again. They work specifically for a few carries and even specific to frequencies. Their gain value is higher than the analog boosters, which is 100 dB. The external antenna is a part of the booster box and hence, no installation is required. It is a compact kit, which does not need the home broadband service to execute its function.

Advantages of using a mobile phone signal booster

Here we are going to portray why it is useful to use the signal boosters in your daily life.

  • Witness better calling experience due to impeccable voice clarity – When you use the signal boosters, it supplements the mobile network signals enabling your mobile to receive great signal strength. This makes the calls even clearer with lowered sounds of distortion. A good quality signal booster lessens the technical noise to a huge extent so that you get to hear a clear and undisturbed voice when you are on a call.
  • Can be used anywhere and everywhere – The signal boosters come small in size and can be mounted on your caravan or car, which increases its rate of mobility. Even when you are travelling to remote locations, you can be in constant connection to the outer world and feel equally updated in every aspect. If required, you can also install the boosters at your office or home to receive the urgent and important calls from your client with ease. Remember, this booster would never let you down.
  • It offers stable connectivity and you can catch up on the speed of the internet – Due to various cause, a problem can crop up with the broadband internet. During such times, you can get connected to the fast-paced internet by boosting up your network coverage. Slow internet can be frustrating, especially when you are doing your professional work. Installation of a signal booster at your place can diminish the problem in no time. Even without broadband, you can stay connected to the high-speed internet all the time.
  • Easy to install and less maintain cost – You don’t need an expert to get the signal booster installed. The mechanism is super easy and the manuals that come with it are sufficient enough to guide you with the installation process. The antenna acquires the mobile network signals and gets it transmitted to the amplifier. Then the amplifier enhances the signal strength and retransmits it for the mobile phone and other devices to get connected. No servicing is required to maintain the device.
  • The device is pocket friendly and available in various models – There are different type of signal boosters available in the market, hence you can choose from the array of boosters. The price depends upon the requirements that you have. GSM signal boosters are comparatively more affordable than a 3G or 4G signal boosters. You have to choose the model as per your requirements. With the growing competition, they are available at cheap and everybody can afford to buy one.

Many are still not aware of this simple remedy and now that we have enlightened you with complete information about the signal boosters, you should get one for yourself and also educate others. Welcoming a good quality cell phone booster in your vehicle, home, and office premises, can be an effective and reliable way to stay connected to the world. After all, when you are paying your monthly phone bills, you should get the privileges.


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