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Online Tools That Simplify Your Life

With the New Year just around the corner, it is time for the annual ritual of getting our lives together. Life is challenging at best, and without a disciplined structure, you may find yourself lost among the ocean of responsibilities. But don’t worry, you’re not the only one facing this frustrating obstacle.

Whether you’re someone looking for ways to simplify your life or wanting to explore valuable tools that can be a part of your New Year’s resolution, this article is all you need. We will discuss some great online software that is helping people organize their lives and navigate through complex issues with great ease.

Let’s start.

Five Online Tools to Streamline and Simplify Your Life:

Since there are several areas where simplification is needed, this brief list addresses the most important ones. We researched a lot of options before coming up with these five winners. Take a look:

1. A Life Planner:

Making it to the top of the list is a life planner. A life planner allows you to document anything you desire, such as business meetings, daily tasks, long-term goals, etc., in an organized fashion. You can make custom tabs, mark the start of each month, get a birds-eye view of your daily activities, and even make sketches in your free time.

Although you can find an excellent application/website online, you can also keep a physical binder to achieve the same feat. In any case, your life will take a turn towards immense positivity and simplicity. Evernote is an ideal example of a helpful life planner for interested readers.

2. A Virtual Assistant:

This option can be beneficial for people who have a lot on their plate. For example, if you run an online business, you may find it overwhelming to answer phone calls while going about your daily meetings. Similarly, you wouldn’t want to do many other redundant tasks yourself as they only hinder your growth. Luckily, you can outsource these tasks to a hired individual through an online channel.

If you’re looking to hire a virtual assistant, Fiverr and Upwork can be the perfect places to start, and TaskRabbit is also a viable option.

3. Back-up Tools:

Suppose you receive a text from an unknown number, so naturally, you reply, “Who are you?” Upon introduction, you find out it’s your neighbor, and you apologize and tell them you “lost all your data” because your phone got stolen. This chain of events is a familiar scenario for many of us.

So what’s the answer? Enter Back-up. Backing up your data allows you to safely store it in the cloud so in case something happens to your device or hard drive, your files and settings stay safely stored. You can download and sync the backup to a new phone without the hassle. Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive are great options for cloud backup storage.

4. Calendar:

Navigating through the day often requires your entire attention span, especially in a corporate setting. Remembering all those meetings, event dates, and deadlines is tricky, even for people with an eidetic memory. You miss one deadline, and boom, you’re in trouble with the client. An online calendar can be a handy tool to avoid missing an important meeting with a valuable client or an embarrassing encounter for late delivery.

By far, Google Calendar dominates the market as the most reliable calendar app.

5. Parental Control Software:

We had to add something for the parents out there in this list. Because let’s be honest, raising children is no piece of cake, and if you’re a parent, you’ll appreciate all the help you can get. So we took this opportunity to address the issue of your child’s online safety. As we know, even five year old can operate a smartphone now, and most teenagers have a social media account connecting them to the whole world.

To keep your child safe from cyber-bullying, inappropriate content, and other harmful elements, you can get your hands on excellent parental control software. By doing so, you can limit the content your kid is exposed to, set timers, and oversee their activities to ensure your precious one’s well-being.

If you’re a concerned parent, try NetNanny. Also, there are many built-in tools in modern smartphones, such as Apple devices with Screen Time.

Few Bonus Tools:

Here are some other worth mentioning tools:

  1. Co-browsing: This allows you to share an interface with anyone through the browser. Both people can make changes, take action, and communicate with each other. Try Co-browsing.net
  2. Password-Saving: Remembers all your passwords for you, so you don’t have to keep track of them. Try Dashlane
  3. Social Media Management: A user-friendly tool to help you manage all your social media accounts in one place. Try Buffer


Constant grind is necessary if you want to make it big in this cut-throat competitive world. But it is crucial to identify the tasks you want to spend most of your energy on during the day, especially if you’re a corporate worker or business owner. Including the above tools will simplify and mainstream your life in surprising ways.


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