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Outstaffing vs. Outsourcing: Advantages of Dedicated Development Teams

There is a continuous preference for dedicated team models as the primary mode of the software development process. Creating, building, and training teams can be very costly for companies. Higher management may allocate more time in planning the recruitment than focusing on the offered services of the business. This gave rise to the preferential option to pick professionals who are already experienced in developing software with minimal management supervision from an outside source.

As a project manager, when you need to get skilled individuals to create software, it’s best to consider various team models. The structure of any team can make or break the efficiency in creating the product you have in mind. For all your software development needs, contact a dedicated development team from a professional company. You don’t have a shortage of choices for your team selection and project.

What is outstaffing?

Outstaffing is the practice of getting a third party or external team to carry out some tasks for a client. Another term for outstaffing is subcontracting. Outstaffed teams focus on specific tasks and smaller goals but are not responsible for the complete outcome of the project.

The responsibility of the outstaffing vendor or company is the administrative and recruitment of individuals for the outstaff team. The client works with the outstaff team and orders which tasks to do. The outstaff employees come from a reputable vendor, but you are the client they do work for.

What is outsourcing?

People may interchangeably use the term outstaffing with outsourcing; however, they are different. An outsourced team has more hands-on work on the outcome of the project. Outsourced teams can bring better business by having a broader scope, long-term wise.

If you’re a project manager looking for an outsource team, it means you’re leaving the software development process to a dedicated team of people who will do all the phases and stages of the project. Outsourced teams work one project at a time.

When to choose outstaff or outsource

The terms may still be unclear to you on choosing an outstaff team versus an outsourced team. If you want a steady group of people who can perform the same tasks every day for various clients, choose an outstaff company. An outstaff company is like the extension of in-house staff. If you need a team that focuses on completing a software project contracted for a year, choose an outsource team.

Advantages of a dedicated team

It’s never too late to contact a dedicated team to ideate and create your project. Nevertheless, these are why you should get a dedicated team for your project:

Save time

The most significant benefit is saving time. Recruiting and training people for in-house teams can take months and years until companies reach optimal conditions. Getting dedicated teams means that there is already an experience in the business model of choosing outside help to perform basic tasks or carry projects to full term completion.

Save money

It costs less to get dedicated teams from external vendors. If you choose to develop an in-house team, you’ll spend on all the employment basics plus all the necessary equipment and overhead expenditures. Consider an in-house team as an investment to building a large department of employees one day.

Lessens risk

Because these teams were already in the business as external service providers, there were fewer risks in the process. When you sign up for a one-year contract with an outsourced team, expect one year’s worth of timeline work or up until the project is complete. The most minimal change happens when there is an additional recruit in the team, but the overall foundation of the group already means there is a working system in place.

Full control

As a project manager, you can work side by side or directly with the teams. There is no need for a higher management bureaucracy when making significant project or task delegation changes. If you want to modify some aspects of the project, you can do so without hesitation. Before signing up a dedicated team, it’s best to find common ground by asking questions with the professionals first.

Global talent pool

One of the best benefits of dedicated teams is a diverse, professional, and global talent pool. Because you choose external resources for the project, there’s no limit to your work and project expertise. You can have a dedicated team coming from another part of the world. Signing up for dedicated development teams can result in long-term relationships between clients and professionals, plus the flexibility to scale slowly.


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