Outsourcing is one of the biggest trends in startups today. These days, it’s easier and cheaper than it’s ever been to have access to the kind of expertise that was once only within the reach of large multinational businesses. It’s come to the point that in some cases, it’s considered unusual or at least imprudent to not get the services of qualified agencies to help with branding, even before a startup begins operations.

If you’re in the enviable position of being able to be part of a new startup, you should at least know the pros and cons of taking the services of an outside agency to help with branding. Here are some of the pros and cons of using outside agencies before you even start operations.

Pros of hiring digital design agencies

1.) You can get a professional brand image early on

It sometimes takes years if not decades for an organization to develop truly world-class professional branding. By using a design agency, this allows an organization to enjoy all the force-multiplying benefits of a strong brand right from the get-go.

2.) Immediate access to specialized tools and expertise

It takes time to develop design expertise and design tool proficiency, taking years to reach a level most pros would consider “adequate”. It may even be completely impractical for most companies to attempt to invest in these capabilities themselves due to the costs and time involved. By going with an agency, however, you get to skip over this process and get access to people who understand digital design and branding.

3.) Reduced expenses

Having the manpower, tools, and training needed to be up-to-date with design and branding can be expensive. If your organization’s strengths don’t involve marketing and branding, it can be expensive to develop those capabilities. It might not even be a good use of resources and can prevent you from focusing on what you do best. If any of these are the case, then it may be much more practical to use an agency.

Cons of hiring digital design agencies

1.) You may have less control over brand minutiae

You may not always have the time or the capability to stay on top of everything the agency is doing. However, this is a relatively small problem that could be offset by improving communications and setting expectations correctly.

2.) Agencies may not know your industry 

If you have a very niche industry it may take a while for your agency to understand just what it is you’re about. This could lead them to create branding or strategies that are inappropriate for your organization. As with the previous point, communication and research are key to preventing potential misunderstandings.

3.) Your business isn’t necessarily a priority

The best agencies are naturally the ones that tend to have the most clients. This means you might just have to wait your turn before they can get started on your project. Unless you’re extremely lucky to be working with an agency that has you as its only client, chances are they may not be able to give your business their full commitment — at least, not at the rates you are willing to pay them.


When it comes to hiring a digital design company, the benefits tend to outweigh the downsides. If both parties come to the project with a good understanding of each other’s roles and with a responsive system of communications, there’s no reason the few potential drawbacks could ever be a problem. That said, it’s best to do your homework before taking the services of any third party company.

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