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Should I Change My IP Address

Most of the articles over the internet tell you the theory of IP address, some of them tell you the ways to change or find IP address , some will teach you practical methods to resolve IP related issues but rarely anyone is talking about the reasons of why I should change my IP address.

So we have decided to write about this topic and explain to you the root causes that a user comes across when he is changing IP addresses.

06 Reasons To Change Your IP Address

Here we have listed, few root causes due to which a user ultimately takes step to change IP Address. Let’s have a look:


Troubleshooting means rectification of an issue, IP can be changed for troubleshooting purposes, like you may need to change your local IP address. For example, if there is a conflict between two devices, you will have to change your local IP address.


Performing any activities online is not safe, due to a few bad players are always seeking people to get into their jurisdiction and in return they steal your information, trace your location and transactions too, which ultimately they use for their advantage, so without taking proper steps to be you cannot be hidden and untrackable online. For this reason people like to have changing IP addresses or they want to use extremely secured static IP. 

Bypass Censorship and Bans

Technological experts have imposed a cyber ban on the techy guys by implementing censorship on the basis of location and sometimes bans access due to copyrighted content. So the savvy users dispose off this situation by using special softwares that destroys the censorship or bans, they are called VPNs.

Changing The IP Version

World is switching to IPV6 leaving the older version IPV4  behind, although it is still active and millions of people are using it, but people are now hopping towards IPV6 as it provides better security and reliable connectivity with other benefits as well. It is another vital cause that users do come across and they ultimately take steps to change IP addresses.

Changing The Network

Today the market is overloaded with internet service providers, users like to give a try to services, when they find a suitable one for them they stay. Otherwise they move over to change the service provider, this phenomenon of changing the service, changes the network which ultimately changes the IP address.


Last but not the least, users today do look for the best available prices and quality of service. Whenever they find a good one for them, they stick with the service and avail the advantages. So changing the services due to prices changes the network that atlast changes the IP address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is changing your IP address bad?

Setting your IP address to an external one isn’t going to affect the way you connect with devices and servers over the internet, but there might be instances when it’s necessary.

How frequently should you change your IP address?

A DHCP lease renewal takes place every 14 days, which is like a handshake between your household modem and the ISP. If it’s still valid, the ISP will move on without disrupting service by replacing its IP address.

Lately, my IP address has changed. Why is this?

Your internet provider has terminated your IP lease. Your ISP is changing its network infrastructure and it’s affecting how IPs are assigned to networks.

Is it legal to change your IP address?

Yes, in the United States it is entirely legal to change your IP address. People change their IP addresses to improve security to an extreme level, for testing purposes before a website becomes live, or as a general privacy measure.

Are there any free ways to change your IP address?

Yes, it is possible to change IP addresses for free. Using the TOR browser can do so, actually it changes your IP within a few seconds. Using TOR is illegal and it is blocked by several reputed social media.


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