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Social Media Hacks That Guarantee Brand Growth

The competition in the digital space is cutthroat. Owing to the current pandemic situation, where every business is forced to run online, the scenario of the digital space has changed by leaps and bounds. The space that was once dominated by a handful of businesses is now choc-a-block with thousands of small businesses, large enterprises, single-person companies, and more. It has become quite challenging for businesses to get noticed by the audience, who have their hands full at the moment.

Amidst the online business situation, social media has emerged as a robust means to take your business to every person. With around 3.96 billion people actively using social media, it is indeed the best place to market any business.

If you are looking for ways to get an edge over your competitors, these social media hacks might help you get noticed and enhance your brand growth. Take a look.

  • Post Less 

Well, it may come as a shocker, but by constantly posting content on social media, you may be annoying the audience.

While you can’t afford to maintain a gap of two or more days between your posts, posting content multiple times in one day is also harmful. The key is striking a balance between posting too much and too little.

As more and more businesses are operating through social media, the audience tends to get overwhelmed with too much content on their screen.

Curate a posting strategy that focuses on posting valuable content rather than posting just for the sake of it. One relevant post per day is just fine.

However, consider your audience, their browsing habits, demographics, age, and other such factors before determining the frequency. If your audience is really hungry for your posts, there is no harm in posting relevant content more than once.

  • Share shorter content 

Do you know the attention span of your audience on the internet? The average internet attention span is just 8 seconds. Hence, create content that could exhilarate the viewer in just 8 seconds. It is challenging but not unattainable.

Create shorter content that can be absorbed in half a minute. Use Instagram Reels to create short but impactful content.

  • Create videos 

Videos are more powerful than you anticipate. Reports state that video content is the most preferred kind of content by social media users. A study has even predicted that video content will constitute a major part (around 80%) of the world’s internet traffic this year. Hence, creating videos is a crucial part of any social media marketing strategy.

As videos are more engaging than any other kind of content, creating interesting and informative videos will create a win-win situation for you.

Create different types of videos for your social media pages, such as tutorial videos, explainer videos, product information videos, behind the scene videos, user-generated videos, etc.

Team up with a reputed social media marketing company and determine what works best for you. Create your video content based on that and post it across your social media channels.

  • Allow shopping from social platforms

Gone are the days when brands used social media to market their products and services and then direct their customers to their online store to make a purchase. Today, it is possible for you to let the interested customers shop without even leaving the social media platform.

Social media giants like Instagram and Facebook offer a feature whereby anyone can purchase directly on the platform without going to the online store.

Incorporating it into your social media marketing strategy can help you get unimaginable sales and grow your brand.

The bottom line

Social media is much more than a place to network with friends and family. It has emerged as an opportunity for several small and large businesses to get the attention of a wider audience base. Moreover, with the latest features offered by various social media platforms, brands have got ample tools in their hands to carve a niche for themselves.

Use social media to its optimum to grow your brand. These hacks are surely going to help you.


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