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Sv Services: A New Self-Service Platform

Various economic and commercial sectors have been adapting to the new social realities, especially those that combine technology with the improvement of their services. Every day it is observed how more companies use electronic channels to be in contact with society and also to streamline processes that their customers require. There is a real modernization of services in the country, seeking to protect the population and keep them safe, according to Alessandro Bazzoni.

In this sense, insurers are no exception, and proof of this is that the company Seguros Venezuela has activated new self-management or self-service options on its website so that its clients can easily manage their policies from the comfort of their home, office or from anywhere they have internet access. This has also modernized the company, transmitting an innovative and useful image for the user, emphasizing the dedication with which they have worked for so many years in the country.

“SV Servicios” is the name of this platform, to which users have access when entering the home of the company’s website, through the “Clients” area that the company has implemented, which has maintained an innovative vision during its 72 years of operations in the country.

Rosa Rodríguez, Senior Developer of the Department of Insurance Projects Venezuela, pointed out that this new section on the page https://www.segurosvenezuela.com/ is already available to all the insured and intermediaries of the company, although changes will be made shortly. technology and look and feel to add new functions.

Rodríguez indicated that through this platform you can make inquiries about policies and certificates, claims or commission payments, managed fund balances, updating the personal data of the insured and intermediaries and the generation of reports such as cards, insurability letter, among others.

The ease and speed of making arrangements by policyholders and intermediaries are the main benefits of “SV Seguros”. The security of not having to leave home and being able to stay protected from the covid is also included.

Self-management platforms like this one, will allow clients to make better use of their time, because they do not need to go to the headquarters of Seguros Venezuela to carry out their procedures, and it is also a very useful digital tool when there are weeks in which collective restrictions are activated for quarantine in the country.

Easily and quickly add Seguros Venezuela to its system to make online transactions by clients and insurance brokers.

Since its inception, Seguros Venezuela has established itself as a Top firm in the Insurance market. Its approach is based on providing its policyholders and clients with the best protection, through a wide range of products, supported by optimal service and immediate response.

Seguros Venezuela is recognized and appreciated, thanks to the professionalism, seriousness and responsibility of its collaborators, its advanced technological platform, the quality of its products and services, and its commitment to the future of the country.

After years of experience in the Venezuelan market, Seguros Venezuela’s mission is to guarantee peace of mind to its clients and allies, through products and services tailored to their needs, consolidating extensive experience, with a team of highly committed professionals. Generating value for policyholders, people, the community and shareholders.

At Seguros Venezuela, they think of you and your family. They offer a set of policy solutions that protect your integrity and that of your family group in case of accidents and illnesses. Your life, your health, and your assets have solutions adapted to your needs.

The Future Of Self-Service Advertising Platforms

The advertisement landscape is continually evolving, and channels for self-service are yet another evolution. By 2021, 88 percent of businesses expect self-service would. Likely, self-service ad networks will only continue to expand over the next few years, with benefits for consumers and marketers alike, including higher traffic, decreased customer service prices, and quicker, more straightforward transactions.

Self-service provides 24-hour assistance for personnel and visitors and direct access to information without waiting for an email response or a returned telephone call. Web self-service’s effectiveness essentially relies on the consistency and quantity of available data and the ease with which it can be obtained.

In several ways, deploying Web self-service apps benefits an organization. Compared with a business representative’s mobile or email services, the most significant incentive is the reduced cost.


Customers today are not only happy for self-service; they also choose to use it over other help modes! But, a self-service consumer interface is only successful if you find it easy to use. To do this, with the use of photographs and videos, your customer service knowledge base and FAQs need to be readily available, up-to-date and visual.

It is essential to arrange the platform for self-service. The organization occurs by marking pages so that search results pages return the correct responses. And ultimately, for laptop, tablet and smartphone devices, all content inside the self-service platform must be streamlined.

If self-service assistance is handled correctly, it helps the customer locate answers quickly, decrease the number of calls or emails received from the support staff, and contribute to a better customer experience.


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