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The Best Free VPN for Windows in 2020

It’s not wrong to say that the VPNs are getting more and more popular as time passes. VPN, a Virtual Private Network, allows you to search anonymously on websites and allows you to change/spoof your IP address to secure server. VPNs trick your laptop and mobile devices to think that it’s in another location. It also allows you to access the content and websites that are not available locally.

To keep your IP hidden from third parties and to let you search anonymously and quickly. We are presenting the Best FREE VPN for Windows in 2020.


Urban VPN is the only VPN service provider that provides 100% free and anonymous VPN service. Where plenty of VPN Softwares provides premium services like connecting with servers of more than 25 countries, selecting server of your choice from more than 10 countries. URBAN-VPN is providing these services absolutely for FREE. Advantages of using Urban-VPN are:

  • Hidden/Changed IP Address
  • DNS/IPv6 Data Encryption and Leak Protection
  • Faster than others
  • Connect to Millions of Servers from more than 80 Countries Worldwide
  • Connect from the List of Unlimited Servers from 21 selected Countries at a time.
  • Get access to the Unavailable/Blocked Content in your country
  • Get access to your Favourite Content of any Country.
  • All of the services mentioned above and much more for FREE

 Premium quality for free:

 URBAN-VPN provides the following premium services for free as compared with paid VPN service providers:

Unlimited Servers

URBAN-VPN allows you to connect with unlimited servers from 21 chosen countries out of 80+ connectable countries worldwide. It means you can access unlimited content from unlimited websites such as audios, videos, and much more. It helps you to access your favourite content from any country that is not available or blocked in your country

Fast and secure

When you surf different websites, there are chances that someone continuously spies on you and stores your browsing data to their database. To keep you safe from those spies, Urban-VPN provides a safe and secure Browsing service. VPNs allow you to surf the sites without fear of being stalked. It also means that no one except you can watch your browsing history. As well as it changes your IP address with a genuinely anonymous IP address so that no one can know your location. These services are not only FREE but Fast as well. The servers you connect with are faster than before.

 Data Encryption

Data encryption is the central part of the Virtual Private Network. When you connect with a server and search for something on it, it encrypts your search data and sends it to other servers. Other servers get the encrypted data and send corresponding results. The data is encrypted again on the server-side and sends it to your device, where the data results decrypted. URBAN-VPN provides Fast and Secure Data Encryption with DNS/IPv6 leak protection.


Urban-VPN provides another service to its users, that most of the VPN service providers don’t provide to their users. Yes, it is also available for Android Devices, which lets you to surf different websites from all over the world using different servers from 80+ countries. The urban-VPN android app provides you with Data Analytics. ANDROID App also has a Malware Protection Feature, which makes sure that you surf the web safely without fear of Phishing as well as receiving Malware from unsecured sites. It keeps your android device free of Viruses and Malware that breaches through different links and steals your data from your android device.

Another benefit of installing the Urban VPN android app is that it offers you to install Urban-VPN on all of your devices absolutely free of charge.

Another benefit of using this app is you can surf any website without sharing your identity as well as your location. It also changes your IP address with the anonymous IP address, which makes you anonymous in the world of the internet.

Features of the Android App are:

  • Anonymous IP address
  • Malware Protection
  • Free for all of your Devices
  • Unblock your favorite content from your Android Device
  • Access to the geo-targeted content in your country
  • Access to various vpn locations Worldwide

The urban-VPN android app is available to download for free on the

Google Playstore.

 Browser Extensions

 Urban-VPN provides a service that other VPN service providers don’t provide. It is Browser Extensions. There are three browser extensions for world-famous browsers. Those are:

If you are looking for a fast, secure, premium, and Free VPN service, Download Urban-VPN today.


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