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The Difference Between Medical Website Design And Other Industries


There are thousands of businesses offering free templates, allowing you to effectively and efficiently create your own webpage in seconds. The problem is that all these templates offer little in the way of customization. For many businesses, the templates work and you can quickly get up and running. But, if you want a site that stands out from the competition or if you operate in a specific industry sector, such as medicine, you are going to need to chat to a medical web design expert.

The Content

One of the biggest differences between a medical website and other industry sites is the content. You will be creating content that includes a myriad of technical terms. Don’t forget, approximately 25% of all Australians use the internet to seek medical help.

When they arrive on your site they need to feel that your advice is genuine, factually correct, and useful. Your content needs to offer this and you’ll need to use medical terms.

Doing so ensures the visitor stays on your page and is likely to carry on clicking and using your medical services. More importantly, the right terminology ensures that you are well ranked by the search engines. Considering the majority of visitors will only look at the first three results, you need medical SEO content to help ensure your site appears in the top three on the search page. If it isn’t, you are likely to get very few visitors!

Don’t feel that you can rely on PPC ads instead. Not alone are these a drain on your finances, this approach is only temporary, the parameters change quickly, which costs you a lot of additional funds.

In contrast, content writing stays on your site and can generate three times as many leads per dollar spent in comparison to paid ads.


Every website should be designed to operate at high speed. But, this is more important in the medical industry than any other. This is because anyone visiting your site is already anxious and searching for the answers to their medical query. They need to be able to move quickly through your site and find the answers. If they can’t they will quickly go elsewhere.

Much of this is because the matters they are looking at are personal and they don’t want others to have a chance to see what they have written.

Mobile Friendly

In an age that is becoming increasingly digital, it is essential that a medical practice has a website that works quickly and smoothly on mobile devices. An increasing number of people access the internet via their phones. Your site needs to operate as efficiently and effectively on a mobile as it does on a standard computer.

You should note that over 70% of people use a website to find their next medical practitioner. Getting online means you have something to offer these people. If you’re not online they will simply go elsewhere.


The next difference that you need to be aware of is the security of data on your site. It is possible that individuals will need to enter personal details to get an accurate diagnosis or find an appointment. If you want the customer to consider your site then you need to make sure you have the best possible security and tell the customer how safe the data is.

This inspires their confidence and encourages them to use your services.

Additional Tricks

All the above are essential for every website but, when creating a medical website they are exceptionally important and can make the difference between your site having lots of visitors and having none.

To help ensure you create the right impression with your website you should also write content for the user, not the search engine. It is also important to consider what you are writing and how it will benefit your readers.  If it doesn’t help your users then don’t add it.

Finally, to make sure your business stands out in a competitive and unique environment you need to spend time considering what makes your site and business so valuable. Focus on your unique points and incorporate them into your site. It will help to attract visitors and even help to ensure they return.