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Top 5 Online Conversion Tools Websites

With the advent of ever-improving and robust technologies, especially in the field of information technology, everybody seeks online tools to accomplish various tasks within the least possible time without using traditional hardware and physical gadgets like calculators, etc.

Thanks to the collective efforts and intelligence of programmers and experts who keep working behind the scene to develop such great online tools which are helping individual users and professionals across the world.

In these lines, we are going to share with you the top five online conversion tools which you may find perfectly helpful during your work involving calculations and conversions of various units of measurements, like feet, centimeters, inches, etc.

1. Howmanyology.com

If you intend to convert various units of measurement like feet, inches, or centimeters into your preferred units of measurement, you can visit Howmanyology.com to have quick access to easy-to-use conversion tools.

This site offers a wide range of easy-to-use conversion tools which would be helpful for you to accomplish the task with few simple steps. Here you may find various free online conversion tools. So, you can convert inches to feet, centimeters to inches, inches to centimeters, and so on.

Howmanyology.com offers quick conversions for frequently used measuring numbers. For instance, you can simply click here to convert 144 inches to feet. Similarly, this online free conversion tool offers quick conversion of 94 inches to feet, 54 inches to feet and 85 inches to feet.

If you wish to convert cm to inches, you can perform quick conversions while visiting Howmanyology.com.

2. Kylesconverter.com

Kylesconverter.com is the next on our list of top 5 online conversion tools websites. Here you can quick conversions of various measuring units. Kyle’s Converter is one of the best free conversion calculators available online.

This site offers precise and accurate conversions for various units of measurement relating to distance, length, mass, weight, energy, speed, calories, etc.

This online free conversion tool is ideal to have quick results for converting any unit of measurement into your desired units. Kylesconverter.com provides quick access to free online conversion tools for various categories. So, you can follow the below links to start the conversion of any number relating to these categories.

●        Acceleration

●        Angle

●        Area

●        Area Density

●        Chemical Amount

●        Data Bandwidth

●        Data Storage

●        Density

●        Electric Charge

●        Electric Current

●        Electric Potential

●        Energy, Work, and Heat

●        Flow

●        Force

●        Frequency

●        Fuel Economy

●        Illuminance

●        Length

●        Luminance

●        Luminous Intensity

●        Mass

●        Mass Flow

●        Power

●        Pressure

●        Speed or Velocity

●        Temperature

●        Time

●        Torque

●        Volume

3. Online-convert.com

If you are looking for a perfect free online file converter tool, Online-convert.com would be the right choice for you. This site offers a diverse range of free and easy-to-use online file converter tools.

So, while using this free tool you can convert your files to intended formats without installing any software at your computer. If you need to convert PDF files to JPEG or JPG to PDF, simply visit Online-convert.com and the task is done quickly. Similarly, you can convert the type of your various media types.

For instance, if you wish to convert MP4 to MP3 format, Online-convert.com will offer you quick tools for such file conversions. In short, Online-convert.com is the one best online file converter tool that can enable you to convert various types of media files from one format to the other one.

Online-convert.com offers a wide range of file conversion tools which includes video converter tools, audio converter tools, image converter tools, document converter tools, Ebook convert tool and many more.

4. Xe.com

If you wish to know about the exchange rates of any currencies of your choice, you may visit Xe.com to use the free online currency converter tool. So, xe.com will help you to check exchange rates.

It will enable you to calculate the accurate amount you may require in your local currency or in the form of foreign exchange for any transaction you wish to accomplish.

Xe.com offers a list of free tools like free online currency converter, currency charts, rate alerts, travel expense calculator and much more.

5. Freefileconvert.com

Freefileconvert.com is yet another free online file converter tool. While visiting

Freefileconvert.com, you can perform free online conversion of various file formats.

Freefileconvert.com supports more than 8700 different conversion combinations video, audio, documents, images and ebooks, etc.  So, if you are looking for some easy-to-use and free online file conversion tool, simply visit freefileconvert.com.

There are plenty of other free online file conversion tools, but we kept the list concise so you can select the one best out of this list of top 5 online conversion tools.


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