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Top 5 Quick And Effective Ways To Increase Facebook Likes


Growing on a big platform like Facebook can be a tough task. And sometimes it can be so tough that you will have to spend a lot of time and efforts and get nothing in return. Thus may be a lot disappointing.

Likes and comments on any post determines your success on Facebook. But it isn’t easy to get then. But for those who are facing such problems, here are five ways in which you can gain likes substantially –


Yeah this is the first and foremost step to follow when you want to increase your likes. Likes will come in bulk when you have a good and clean channel which is liked by the audience.

You will want your page to be good enough to attract audience to it. A good Facebook page includes a nice display picture, a creative description and a professional page title or name. First of all check that your channel has a good display picture. It should be well edited and good enough for people to like it. In a way, the number of likes on tur display picture will decide your future to a great extent. So beware to upload a good picture of yourself or your company if you are a businessman.

Next will be the name and description. Your name should be attractive and well written. And the description should give a clear idea about what your page is all about.


This is the second step towards your goal of achieving a substantial amount of likes. Your page should have healthy and quality content which should be able to make the audience impressed so that they leave a like for you.

You need to choose the content wisely. If you are a businessman, your page should five informative about your products, company, your achievements and losses and all that is needed for the knowledge of your audience. You should add pictures related to your company because picture matter a lot on a platform like Facebook. Now, if you are not an any businessman, you should still maintain your page with quality content. When you have a page, it is obvious that it is based on something like gaming or cooking or music or lifestyle etc. And your should be regular in posting updates regarding that.

Your posts should be appealing enough for the audience to leave a like for sure.


Your regularity on your page is a big factor that will decide how successful you will be. You have to keep posting the content and interact with your followers in order to get more likes.

Your page is surely a basis of done genre. And you need to keep posting pictures or videos or updates regularly for your page to grow. Your followers should never have the notion that they have followed a page which is very irregular in posting updates. Imagine you have created a page and post pictures or videos once or twice in a month. This will be disastrous for the growth you want. The audience have followed your page as they get to know or learn something new through you. And if you do not give that, there will no point for them to stay with you.

Once you start posting regularly, your audience will see it and like it. You should also keep interacting with the audience in order to get likes and followers. You can do this through direct messaging or live chats. As a result, you can request your followers to keep liking your posts and I bet they will not deny. Thus it will help a lot.


Contests are a creative and engaging way of gaining likes on your Facebook page. You can use these contests to increase your followers and likes and comments as well.

Contests are a great way of starting things off. Everything we see around us is a form or type of competition. And each and every organism is a competitive player. So why not use this as a benefit for your page? You can call out your followers and organize an innovative and creative contest. This can be anything starting from photography contests to singing or debate or anything creative you can think of. And you can reward the winner with something creative and good. But it is not necessary that you will organise such contests only. You can organise a giveaway of something and ask your followers to like and comment on any specific post. And you can randomly pick one or more winners for the award.

This will be a great way of gaining followers as well as likes. People are very much interested in giveaways as they can win something without doing anything by sitting at home!


Yeah, collaborations matter on Facebook as well. In fact, a collaboration is a very awesome way of gaining likes on your page and it is very effective too!

Collaborations play an important role in giving a boost to your page. Just like any other social media platform out there, Facebook sleep had millions of users who are from different countries, communities and languages. And since it has so many users, you will find a lot of creators on the platform who have a made a name for themselves. And they will help you since they know the struggle you are doing! You can organise any creative event with any other creator. Try to make it as creative as possible as people like to stay on entertaining events and not boring ones!

And this will help you gain followers as well as likes in a great amount.

These were a few effective ways of gaining Facebook likes on your page. Adios!