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Top AI-Based Free Plagiarism Detection online Tools

Are you in search of the best AI-based plagiarism checker and remove tools? Well if you are then you have surely landed in the right place and at the right time.

In this article, we will list out the best plagiarism checker tools that everyone can use. Removing plagiarism is important from the content as it can affect the credibility and revenue of a website.

Plagiarism can be intentional and accidental, so you have to take extra care to remove this kind of unexpected plagiarism. This can only be done with the AI-based plagiarism remover tools.

Now there are dozens of AI-based plagiarism checker tools available on the internet but not all of them can be discussed in one post. This is why we have listed out the top-notch options here for you.

Best AI-Based Free Plagiarism Tools for everyone!

Read on the details of the best plagiarism checker tools here in this section:

  • Duplichecker

Duplichecker is one of the most well-known platforms available on the internet. As the name of the site itself tells you it has expertise in checking and removing duplication of all sorts from the textual content. This plagiarism checker can be used for free but you don’t have to worry about its accuracy as it uses AI to scan duping in text. There are many reasons why this plagiarism checker is ranked among the best utilities and some of the reasons are listed here:

  1. The deep search feature of the tool is best for finding unexpected traces of plagiarism.
  2. The tool offers you 24/7 support from its professional team of experts.
  3. It can check up to 10K words in one go if you use the pro version.
  4. You can get accurate and detailed reports in PDF by Duplichecker.
  5. You would not be disturbed by silly ads by Google!
  • SearchEngineReports

This is another free and reliable plagiarism checker tool. You can trust this tool for checking plagiarism as it uses AI and advanced algorithms for this screening. With the SearchEngineReports Plagiarism Checker, you can easily check plagiarism in more than 1500 words in one go. You can enter the content in the form of raw text and you can also upload complete files for free. There are no limitations to the use of this tool and you can check as many files as you want for plagiarism. Some of the features of this tool include:

  1. Free to use.
  2. User-friendly interface.
  3. Integrations with Dropbox and Google drive.
  4. Plagiarism checker via URL.
  5. 100% security to input files.
  6. Free plagiarism removing feature.
  • SmallSEOTools

Smallseotools is a very famous website and one of the major reasons behind its fame is its plagiarism checker tool. The plagiarism checker tool is available for free and can be used on any device as long as it has a browser and a web connection on it. This plagiarism checker can also cater to the checking of 1500 words worth of search query and there are no limits to the use of this tool. The plagiarism checker tool by smallseotools cannot help you in finding out duplication in content; it also provides free plagiarism removing and paraphrasing features. You can use this tool and remove plagiarism from your content like a pro even though it’s your first time. One of the reasons why this plagiarism checker is famous is because it checks and compares your content with more than 20 billion web pages!

  • Pro Writing Aid

This platform is also very famous for the many purposes that it serves. One of its major features is checking plagiarism in content. The pro writing aid can easily help you detect plagiarism and also remove it for publishing online. This tool uses AI and advanced algorithms for checking and removing duplication from your content, the tool would also suggest improvements that would increase the quality of your content. You can a use pro writing aid online or you can also connect it with MS Word!

  • PlagiarismDetector.net

This plagiarism detector is also one of the pro tools that can help you check plagiarism and other human mistakes in your content. The plagiarism tool uses AI to check and remove plagiarism from your content so you can trust it without any doubt. The deep search feature of this plagiarism detector is known to be best for screening out accidental and unexpected traces of plagiarism from your work. The plagiarism detector is based online so you can use it on any device you want without any compatibility issues.

  • Plagiarismchecker.co

This plagiarism checker website is also famous for its accurate results and plagiarism removing capabilities. The tool uses AI to check plagiarism in textual based content. Once you have entered content in plagiarismchecker.co and hit the check plagiarism it would start highlighting the duplicate text in red colour. You can remove the highlighted text or can simply rephrase it. This AI-based plagiarism tool can cater the checking of 800 words per input which is an ideal count for a blog/guest post!

Using either of these AI plagiarism tools you can check and remove duplication!


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