The cryptocurrency world is marked by real-time changes and updates and this is why it is essential for enthusiasts to keep in touch with the latest news including Tron news as Tron appears to be the newest kid on the block.

Tron: Getting Started

Tron is one of the latest platforms that stems from Blockchain technology. The online platform is a decentralized platform, like Bitcoin. However, this decentralized platform comes with a twist in the form of adoption into the entertainment industry. The decentralized platform has its own cryptocurrency dubbed Tronix. The design invention, however, makes it easier for cryptocurrency users and developers to distribute specialized digital content and multimedia apps among one another.

The invention of Tron brings about the opening of yet another interesting facet to the crypto market. This is especially so as Tron has been designed with the aim to support gaming and gambling sectors, two of the most sought-after online sectors.

The introduction of Tron will also ensure the development of a growing legitimate blockchain-based gambling platform that offers gambling-type games.

These features all packed into one makes Tron an interesting blockchain platform. People who are interested in the platform will soon come to find that the platform offers:

  • Decentralized internet technology
  • Offers a marketplace for digital content by linking both developers and their consumers
  • Offers a marketplace for mobile apps
  • Poses a serious cryptocurrency, Tronix, that has the potential to break barriers into uncharted crypto territories


Tron was founded in 2017 by a Beijing-based foundation and has continued to gain traction since its establishment. Having dabbled into the cryptocurrency world in the past by being an executive at Ripple, the founder, Justin Sun, a Chinese business owner, is expected to pose a major threat and take over the crypto world with the introduction of Tron.

Why Take Tron Seriously?

There are several reasons why many people are beginning to take up an interest in the latest tron news

  • Tronix’s current market price stands at upwards of $0.017 which means the crypto has a chance of surging.
  • Tron’s market capitalization is pegged at $1,696,143,049
  • The trading volume for the cryptocurrency stands at $580, 084, 040.
  • Tron as a cryptocurrency has also made its way upwards to the 14th position on the highest crypto-list beating others that had been in existence before it. Note that the ranking is measured by the current market cap.
  • Tron boasts of a 1,000% return on investment for holders
  • The platform has also been predicted to be expected to generate as much as $5 billion in gambling assets as of 2019 ending and about $14 million in daily trades.
  • Tron has become one of the most widely traded cryptos on Finance, a leading crypto trading market.
  • Tron/Tronix is officially denoted on trading platforms as TRX.


Tron’s Developmental Time Table

For those interested in the latest Tron news, it is essential for you to also be aware of the developmental time table that has been drawn for the online platform and cryptocurrency. Seeing as TRX and Tron’s releases have been in stages/phases, currently, the entire framework is halfway to its completion. The phases include;

– Exodus

This is the beginning of the journey into Tron’s release. The initial stage of Tron’s development is characterized by a free platform that allows peer-to-peer storage and distribution of digital media and files. The platform at this stage offers a tool to consumers that allows them to access data and store data that can also be released to other users of the Tron platform.

– Odyssey

The Odyssey developmental phase focuses more on digital content and content creation via the Tron platform. Early developers are presented with a huge array of incentives to get them interested in the platform and also as a way of allowing users to enjoy the offerings.

– Great Voyage and Apollo

This signals the launch of the Token phase of Tron’s development. This developmental phase allows proprietary rights to developers, enabling them to offer up their own crypto coins that can be used for platform transactions.

– Star Trek

Star Trek witnesses the launch of the gaming aspect of the Tron platform. The Star Trek phase will welcome the launch of a decentralized gaming and market forecasting platform that is open to anyone who wishes to offer content.

– Eternity

The last phase of development is termed as Eternity. This phase is expected to roll out officially in 2020 and will witness the release of games that have been created and perfected by developers on the Tron platform. What’s more, is that developers can also source for investors to crowdfund their ideas and see to its development all on the Tron platform.


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