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What Are Rotating Proxies?


To have a good experience buying rotating datacenter proxies, you will need to know the server in detail. Although it is understood that proxies are the intermediaries of your internet connection, these rotating servers have another type of operation. You can protect your internet connection using these rotating proxies, which also positively affect the connection speed.

You will understand the most convenient time to use rotary proxies on your personal or corporate computer. On the other hand, you will also discover the pros and cons of using rotary and non-static proxies.

What do you mean by rotating proxies?

A proxy is nothing more than an intermediary between your internet connection and the online content you want to see. Rotating proxies would correspond to this broker on your connection that eventually changes the IP address. These proxies have the purpose of hiding your IP address using servers in other countries on a random basis.

Rotating proxies usually change your IP address automatically or manually, depending on how you configure it. You can also set the number of servers that the proxy connects to adopt the new IP.

Reasons you should use rotary proxies

Although static proxies are good, you may have some problems when connecting to the Internet. There are many reasons why you should buy rotating datacenter proxies, including:

  • You will have a better internet connection because the proxy will adopt the most favorable IP for each page. If, for example, you want to access news websites blocked in your country, the proxy will look for the IP that is not affected by the block.
  • Rotating proxies usually have multiple bridges available, so you will never suffer from crashes. You could sometimes use an IP address blocked by the web server, which disables the static proxy but not the rotating one. You only have to wait a few seconds for the proxy to change its IP address so that you can enter the web without problems.
  • The security provided by rotating proxies is higher when compared to the static server that you can buy. You will have several IP addresses to adopt that promise you a secure connection without affecting performance.

Rotating proxy features

A curious fact about rotating proxies is that they do not have a collection of dedicated IP addresses but instead use an open gateway. This connectivity gateway allows your computer to adopt a convenient IP address. The proxy will do all the work to give you that IP connection you need to do any task.

Rotating proxies can work individually for a single device or be shared in case you have a company. You can pay for a rotating proxy that is used by your entire work team. However, you must consider that these rotating proxies that have been shared will work slower, and their security level is divided.

Rotating proxies often use different IP addresses in a single paid service or individually. These types of IP addresses that you can find on rotating proxies would be:

  • Proxys as a database

These proxies are managed by large online hosting corporations that maintain their operations within the servers. They are very fast rotary proxies that work 24 hours a day without fail. The only drawback of these proxies as a database is that they have very low security.

  • Residential rotary proxies

They are rotary proxies more dedicated to the house where you will have different IP addresses for your pc or mobile. These proxies offer more complex security, but you will have to cover a high cost to enjoy the service.

  • Mobile rotary proxies

As a last option, you will be able to pay for the mobile rotating proxies that usually take the connection of the nearby devices. This type of server is one of the slowest in the category but the most reliable when it comes to connection. You will not have blockages with the mobile proxy, although your internet connection will be very slow.

Advantages of using rotary proxies

To decide whether to buy rotating data center proxies, you will have to know the advantages of having them. These servers promise a huge change in your internet connection where you would benefit from:

  • Rotating proxies offer a good connection interface in which you can configure various things. Some proxies work automatically, so you will not have to do anything practically after buying and installing itg.
  • You will have access to an unblocked internet connection where you can enjoy streaming servers and international websites. You can enable all censored web pages in your country with proxies, which is a great option.
  • The cost of rotary proxies is quite affordable if you compare it with other private servers. You will only have to dedicate yourself to looking for a server with reputation and control in connection that it offers.

Disadvantages of using rotary proxies

While rotary proxies might be your best option to enjoy a private internet connection, they also give you disadvantages. You must take into account that when installing a rotating proxy on your computer, you will be limited in:

  • If you pay for mobile rotary proxies, you will feel how your internet connection speed is reduced. Sometimes this speed can be 30 MB per second which is quite slow if your Internet works at 500 Mb / sec.
  • Rotating proxies are also open to taking an IP address previously blocked by the website you visit. Every day, web pages implement complex systems to detect cloned IPs and block them.
  • Some rotary proxy providers base their rates on connection traffic which could be a problem. If you are used to connecting to the Internet for most of the day, you may spend a lot of money with the proxy.
  • Proxies often fail to change the IP address, which shows that they are not a trustworthy server. Your computer can last more than 30 minutes connected to the same IP address, which causes crashes.

Rotating proxies: are they legit?

In short, rotary proxies are internet servers that could be trusted if you buy them from the right provider. Not all rotating proxies are good, and this is the case when you try to pay for a VPN or static proxy.

If you want to buy rotating datacenter proxies, you have to do enough research to find the right provider. You could be guided by the references customers leave on the rotating proxy before paying for it. If you do not feel satisfied with any of these servers, you will only have to suspend the service and continue your search.