What Led Ryan Reynolds to Buy an Ownership Stake in Mint Mobile?

Mint Mobile is one of America’s fastest internet services known for its high internet speed and reasonable packages. Mint Mobile initially started delivering internet in the year 2016, since then the Mint business has been going strong. However, in the year 2019, Mint Mobile got a celebrity touch from Hollywood’s favorite action actor Ryan Reynolds.

If you are a Ryan Reynolds fan and reading this right now, you are probably confused and freaked out at why an Actor such as Ryan Reynolds would choose to work with a carrier service instead of working for a new perfume line or something. Further, read this Mint Mobile review if you want to know what your celebrity crush has to do with America’s leading carrier service.

What is Mint Mobile?

As you may already know, Mint Mobile is America’s top leading carrier service, launched by Ultra Mobile. Mint Mobile is primarily famous for its advance payments of packages. You can make an advance payment for three months, six months, or twelve months. In order to use the Mint Mobile service, you need the Mint Mobile SIM, which you can order online through their official website. The Mint Mobile SIM only works on phones that are unlocked. If you do not have an unlocked phone, you can purchase one through Mint Mobile.

Ryan Reynolds and Mint Mobile

Who is Ryan Reynolds?

Ryan Reynolds is a famous Hollywood actor who has played major roles in blockbuster action movies such as Deadpool (2016) and The Pokémon film (2019). He has also appeared in other movies such as Green Lantern, The proposal, and many other hit movies. This blockbuster Hollywood actor now runs Americas most loved carrier service Mint Mobile. This move had shocked many people after Ryan Reynolds made the announcement himself through an Instagram post.

Why Mint Mobile

Out of all the luxurious brands, Ryan Reynolds chose to buy Mint Mobile because he sees a bright future in the world of wireless carries and this is all due to the record braking internet speed of Mint Mobile network.

As we all know, internet services are one of the most demanded services in the world. Every day there is someone or the other who purchases an internet service. Especially with the fast-changing trend in technology that happens almost every month or week. Ryan Reynolds made a very practical and smart decision of being involved in a company that offers carrier services that will keep growing along with the fast change and use of technology.

According to Mint Mobile, Ryan Reynolds will involve himself in the marketing efforts for the app, and also help make decisions. Moreover, he expressed a desire to help people find affordable packages.  Save money with the best Product reviews and deals.


We hope and wait to see what new changes and additions Ryan Reynolds brings to Mint Mobile and who wouldn’t want to use a mobile carrier that associates with one of Hollywood’s most energetic and loving actors. Apply for your Mint Mobile SIM now and enjoy the amazing internet bundles.

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