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What the impact of 5G mobile network will be

Soon, the way we connect and communicate with the world will change. The 5G era is upon us and we await a lot of changes within the world of the internet. If you have not yet understood what 5G means, what changes it will cause, and when, then you are in the right place. So sit down and bring on your curiosity. This will be the introduction to the impact of 5G wireless technology that you have been waiting for.

What is 5G?

5G is an abbreviation of fifth generation mobile network. It is the newest standard of mobile networks after the 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G networks before it. 5G is a new way of thinking of connection. It enables a new kind of network that is designed to connect everyone and everything together. Whether it is objects, machines, or devices.

The new network is meant to be faster, more reliable, have better latency, increased availability and massive network capacity. It will also mean more uniform user experiences for more of its users. Furthermore, the improved efficiency and higher performance of the new wireless technology means it will even connect new industries. The possibilities for self-driving cars and Artificial Intelligence are now closer than ever.

The 5G network is better than 4G network in many different ways. For example, the speed is significantly higher with 5G with over a hundred Megabits-per-second average data rates. This means that you can expect the 5G network to be over a hundred times faster than the 4G network. Also the 5G network will have more capacity. This means that it will support up to a hundred times increase in traffic capacity and network efficiency. The 5G network will even have a lower latency that delivers a more real-time access than 4G network.

It is easier to install

5G wireless technology changes your home internet service. It does that by providing a wireless modem alternative to your existing wires, such as fiber or other cabelled solutions. This also means that 5G internet is easier to install because of the wireless modem that connects to the masts in the area. The 5G mobile network is therefore not reliable on the cables beneath the ground.This also means that it is easier to extend the network supply if there should ever be a need for it.

Who can say no to cheaper internet?

The 5G network will become a fierce competitor towards the classic broadband network. Not only is it faster than the broadband network. It is also a lot cheaper to install because the installment is not reliable on the process of digging down cables underneath the ground. This also means that an extension of the 5G network supply will be much cheaper if there should ever be a need for it.

These will be the first ones to get 5G

The 5G mobile network will be deployed in places with the most users first. That means the big cities which are often occupied by students and young adults who also have a need for an installed internet connection within their home. It is the ambition to expand the 5G network all over the nation within a few years to provide the strongest and most reliable user experience. But for now, the fastest connections will be within the big cities.

To be able to receive 5G network on your mobile phone, you would need to have a mobile phone which supports a 5G connection. Furthermore, you would only have access to the 5G network with a mobile subscription that allows it. To get an overview of the providers, check out Mobilabo.dk for more. In that way, the cheapest, most popular or packed mobile subscriptions with the 5G access can be identified by you as easy as drinking a cup of coffee.

This is why your router is important

Your router is important for your 5G connection. Only a few models have built-in 5G technology. That means that you have to provide yourself with a new router to be able to access the 5G network. A router which supports the 5G network will be able to give you super fast and reliable internet access. You would not need cables dug into the ground to get your connection. It will all be delivered by a wireless connection through the air and right into your living room. Easy, right.


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