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What You Need to Know Before Hiring React Developers

Do you need Javascript developers (JS developers), or React developers, but aren’t sure what to ask them or what their role is? Do you have an idea of what staff you need to hire for your dedicated team of developers, but are a bit unsure on some specific terms that you are encountering, particularly regarding JS or React developers.

What is Javascript Used for?

Practically all web browsers support Javascript (JS), as do nearly all websites. JS is a coding language that enables interactivity necessary to build an engaging site. Game development and server applications often require JS, too. Compared to other languages, JavaScript is far more commonly used, easier to learn and importantly, it is the most popular coding language.

What Do Javascript Developers Do?

Javascript developers work on the front end of websites. They do not create pages themselves, but rather work on interactive elements from buttons and input forms to dynamically updating content, animated images etc. JS developers make websites user-friendly, functional, engaging, and smooth.

Developers use React as a library allowing the production of reusable JS components that create user interfaces. React is a tool that helps with web development, using the JS language. JS developers usually are versed in coding whereas React developers are more responsible for the library of codes.

How to Build a Dedicated Software Development Team

If you are hiring a dedicated team for your project, you may wish to find the react/JS developers, there are a few ways to do it. You may look for the staff via recommendations, internet, job sites, platforms such as Clutch or hire locally. However, another effective method is to outsource: you can significantly save costs if you assemble a dedicated team in Ukraine.

If you’re not sure how to choose your JS developers, here are some JavaScript developer interview questions:

  • What is your knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS? Are you good at any other programming languages relevant to our project?
  • Can you give some examples of your previously completed projects?
  • Can you show your code?

When specifically hiring a React developer, all previous questions apply, but you should also consider these React js interview questions:

  • What experience do you have working with programs like Angular, Backbone JS, Vue?
  • What about alternative frameworks and alternate JS libraries such as Lodash, RxJS, Redux Ramada, etc.?
  • Can you build us a simple piece of code now using React?

Conclusion: Getting Your Dedicated Development Team

Choosing a JS company or a React js development company may be tough, but outsourcing can help you find specialists or dedicated teams to solve your task. Now you know what they can bring to your company and what you should consider.


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