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Where to get cheap backlinks in 2021?

The importance of backlinks was always highly evaluated, however, in 2021 backlinks started to gain even more power. Apart from general backlinks that lead back to your website, there are approaches, such as tiered backlinking, that prove to be extremely effective. A tiered backlinking is not a new SEO concept but it reveals many benefits when SEO for the website requires acceleration, which is particularly important in the fast-moving digital pace of 2021. To implement this strategy in your SEO plan, you will most likely need quality backlink service.

What is tiered link building?

When it comes to website promotion, webmasters prefer to utilize effective and reliable SEO methods. At the same time, the optimization of the website should be usually done in short terms. After the desired position on the SERP is gained, it is then continuously maintained. There are lots of strategies for effective SEO in 2021, where one of those is tiered link building.

This approach implies several levels of backlinks leading to your website. Usually, there are 3 levels in this backlink pyramid, though one more level might be added upon necessity. It means that the links from tier 1 lead directly to your website, the links from tier 2 go to the web pages on the first level, etc.

Before implementing this approach, you should realize that a significant amount of quality backlinks is required. That is why you should consider the best backlink service where you can buy cheap backlinks, especially for tiers 2 and 3.

First-tier links

Within the backlink pyramid, the links on the first tier are considered to be the most important and valuable ones. It is the level where automation should never take place, otherwise Google can detect it and apply penalties.

The backlinks on the first tier lead directly to your website from high-quality resources. There are multiple methods to gain such backlinks that are described at pureresiduals.com for your convenience. As Google and other search engines value backlinks from credible and authoritative resources, the backlinks to your website on the first tier should come from such platforms. You would need to put some time and effort to gain those backlinks, but the results will be satisfactory.

Second-tier links

According to the pyramid structure, the links from the second tier go to the web pages on the first tier. The preferable amount of links should be between 2 and 5 for each of the resources on the first level. Also, the requirements for the backlinks’ quality on tier 2 are lower.

In fact, the backlinks at this level could come from guest posts, blogs, social media, web 2.0 pages. To optimize link building at this stage, get paid backlinks for tier 2 for saving your time. That way, the best backlink service would put you together with the resources suitable for backlinking at tier 2.

Third-tier links

The quality of the backlinks on tier 3 is the lowest as those are usually automated. As the quantity of links on this level grows in geometrical progression, It might take ages to create such an enormous amount of backlinks. It is recommended to have around 20 or even more links coming from tier 3 for each web page on tier 2.

Referring to the service for buying backlinks is inevitable at this stage. Also, the tier 3 usually implies backlinks generated by GSA or SEO autopilot tools. You might also consider links from the comments on forums or social media platforms.

What are the benefits of tiered backlinking?

Once the website is created, it is very tempting to bring it to the top of the search results immediately. The tiered backlinking is one of the most effective methods that could help you in accomplishing this task. It comes from the organizational specifics of the tiered structure which can be also compared to a snowball effect. The links leading directly to your website are reinforced by the backlinks from the second tier. The same goes for the tier 2 links as their domain authority is boosted thanks to tier 3.

What are the risks of tiered backlinking?

While the benefits of tiered backlinking are very affirmative, it is always necessary to keep in mind possible risks. Google algorithms become very sensitive to automation, so you should be really careful with that. Even if search engines detect some occurrence of automation, you would be able to easily disconnect the links from one tier to another. That way, the evidence of automation would be lost and your main website would not be affected in any way.


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