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Why Delta Exchange Is The Best Place For Trading Altcoins Swaps With Leverage?

Anyone with scant interest in the crypto investment world will certainly know that over the last two years Altcoins have gained significant traction among cryptocurrency investors. But just in case if anyone is hearing the term ‘Altcoins’ for the very first time then it refers to alternative cryptocurrencies launched after the success of Bitcoin. Generally, they project themselves to be better alternative than Bitcoin, which is currently the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

Owing to Altcoins’ unprecedented success, off late the crypto investment world has witnessed spate of altcoins focused derivative exchanges. And as is pretty evident from the topic itself, this article is about Delta Exchange. Don’t worry this isn’t just another typical review that will bore you to death. Rather this is a highly informative article to tell you about just why this platform is rapidly gaining popularity among crypto investors for all the right reasons.

Delta Exchange essentially offers several features that make it a desirable destination for trading Altcoins swaps, and this is surely helping it to win over trader’s confidence. This article will shed light on these very features that may quall all your skepticism and convince that this new emerging platform may give dominant platforms like Binance a tough battle in the near future.

Delta Exchange Features

  • Delta Exchange currently offers futures and perpetual contracts on bitcoin and 13 leading altcoins including BNB Futures, LINK, ATOM, XTZ and LEO. Delta Exchange stands out because today it is the only platform in the market that offers swaps on emerging altcoins like Tezos, Chainlink, ATOM, RVN and BAT; apart from Delta, no other platform offers swaps on these emerging altcoins.

Not to mention that today many of these Altcoins boost high market valuations with Tezos market valuation picking up as high as $579 Mn. Delta was also the first to enlist LEO and BNB swaps on its platform.

  • Delta Exchange currently allows investors to trade on Bitcoin with 100x leverage and on several altcoins with 20x leverage; leverage obviously gives traders the advantage of investing more with less cryptos in their wallet. Needless to say investors have the freedom to go short as well as long with their investment.
  • Irrespective of whether investors choose to go short or long, Delta Exchange offers a very friendly experience to traders and this is what eventually makes this platform best place for altcoins swaps. For instance, all altcoins swaps are marginalized and settled in either bitcoin or stable coin. Settlement in stable coin especially spares investors from risk volatility as its value is pegged to globally recognized assets such as US dollar or gold.

Delta takes immense pride in the fact that it was one of the first platforms to launch world’s first stablecoin-settled futures on bitcoin and leading altcoins. This fact again shows Delta’s continuous efforts and perseverance in making its platform the best possible destination for trading altcoins derivatives.

  • Delta’s high and reliable liquidity cushion means that investors never feel the shortage of altcoins. The altcoins supply is quite robust 24/7 and 365 days – giving investors all the freedom to go for deep and long investment cycle irrespective of the market condition.
  • Delta’s main trading terminal boosts a very simple interface and this makes trading all the more simple not only for experienced but also novice investors. The platform also has a feature called ‘mock trading’ to help new and novice investors to get fully acquainted with crypto derivatives. The mock trading feature is certainly symbolic of Delta’s investor friendly philosophy.
  • Charging fees from investors is one monetization strategy that every platform aims to utilize to its advantage. But Delta charges comparatively lower fees from investors and thereby putting a far less strain on their pockets. You can check Delta’s trading fees by clicking on the following link https://www.delta.exchange/fees/
  • A company or platform can be as good as its management. An experienced and highly competent management is a pre-requisite for efficient and successful company. And Delta satisfies this essential pre-requisite hands down as its founding as well as advisory board members boost one of the best credentials in the financial world. Just to give a slight hint on this one then Delta’s founding members have cut their teeth at top Wall Street firms like Citi and UBS. They have all the experience in the world to know about what the modern day investors want and how to offer them the best trading experience.

Delta Exchange claims to be the number #1 Altcoin Derivative exchange and rightly so. With Altseason round the corner, Delta Exchange could emerge as one of the top destination for trading Altcoins with leverage.


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