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Why eCommerce is Important in 2020


It was all started 25 years ago when the first item was ordered on Amazon. It was a book ordered by John Wainwright on 3rd April, 1995. That was a historic event because eCommerce was born on that day.

Amazon and eBay were two major players in the beginning and then came the “dot-com bubble” in the USA. People were quite excited about Amazon and eBay’s success and therefore investors invested in many online businesses and that bubble busted.

Only a few major players survived and you already know their names. Companies like Amazon and eBay paid attention to future eCommerce trends and cared about their customers and it was these were two major reasons behind their survival.

Today, the eCommerce industry is the largest industry in the world. Every person is taking advantage of online shopping and that’s why it is quite important in 2020. There is no bubble now, but there is an opportunity of making a lot of money online.

Why you must pay attention to eCommerce trends in 2020?

Things are way more competitive in the eCommerce world today than ever before. Every new start-up, SMB, and multinational company is trying its best to grab the customer’s attention and maintain their loyalty.

Businesses, which monitor new eCommerce trends carefully, beat the competitors. The age and size of your online store does not matter when you are competing online. Your business plans won’t work if you those plans are not based on the latest eCommerce trends.

Every business organization in the eCommerce industry should keep sharp eyes on the following eCommerce trends in 2020 to be ahead in the competition. You can exploit this knowledge to offer better offerings and services to your customers. It is the only best way of driving your business forward and be the leader in the competition!

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Trends to monitor in 2020:

You must reveal the latest eCommerce trends to reveal why eCommerce is important in 2020. The success of any online store will majorly depend on these trends. So, let’s find out:

  • Google will turn into an online marketplace:

Ecommerce giants like Amazon do not thoroughly rely on Google to sell their products. New stores and small-sized companies do rely on this search engine because their customers come through organic search results and PPC ads.

An online store, which optimizes for Google Shopping, can succeed much faster than a store that doesn’t. Google’s sales channel is quite powerful and you can consider it a shortcut to succeed in the online industry.

  • The augmented reality and virtual reality technologies are crucial:

Many people do not buy certain products such as furniture, clothing, and other accessories online because they do not trust the image featured by an online store. It is a big drawback of online shopping.

Companies assured customers that they can return a product if it is not what they think it is. This time-consuming process does not work in favor of new and small eCommerce companies. Therefore, the incorporation of AR and VR technologies is going to play a crucial role in 2020. People can see, assess, and then buy the products they want. That’s a major leap forward!

  • Social media will provide more customers:

Websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. were all about liking, commenting, and sharing different types of content online. That thing is changed now because social media platforms have turned into a new playground for eCommerce companies.

Here you can find the target audience, communicate with your customers, and then lure them towards your services. Social media platforms will soon provide more buyers than any other online platform.

  • Environmental concerns can attract or distract your potential customers:

People are more worried about our environment than ever before. Environmental concerns dictate the way they by-products. They want to remove their environmental footprints and use products that do not cause any threat to Mother Nature.

Online stores need to adopt practices to promote a greener eCommerce environment. Products sourced through fair-trade organizations lure buyers nowadays. Activists and governments are encouraging people to adopt greener consumerism habits. You can make a profit out of it if you play a big role in creating a greener eCommerce environment.

  • More customers will buy through their smartphones:

Every eCommerce company is featuring a feature-rich platform for mobile users. Entrepreneurs know that people love to assess and buy products via their smartphones. They are taking advantage of the latest technology to make their e-stores more mobile-friendly and user-friendly.

The recent statistics reveal an amazing 15% growth in sales made through smartphones and tab. It is expected to increase by up to 73% in 2021. You must not ignore this figure if you want to beat your competitors. Focus on attributes that can make your eCommerce store more mobile-friendly. Invest in marketing plans to draw more mobile users on your online stores.

  • Voice shopping is the next big thing!

All the smart speaker owners across the globe now recognize the potential of their devices. They use these speakers as their personal assistant for doing things they want. It created the “Voice Shopping” phenomenon which is on the rise now.

A research conducted by OC&C Strategy Consultant reveals that voice shopping can grow up to 55% by 2022. Amazon was the first to launch its smart speaker and now many companies are featuring various similar products.

Customers know that they do not have to use their smartphone or PC to search a product when they can describe it verbally to their smart speaker. That smart speaker takes the commands and finds the best product for the owner. That’s how it works and this technology will improve in the future to make online shopping much easier.

  • Customizable products will perform much better in 2020:

Every person has different needs. People want to buy products that fit their demands. Brands offering customization features will make more sales than others. Your goal should be meeting all the requirements of potential buyers in 2020 to emerge as the leading eCommerce company in the future.