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Why It’s Important to Know Your Area Code

Have you ever thought about those weird 3 numbers at the beginning of your phone number? From the first sign, it seems there is no logic at all in these numbers. Why does your number start with 212 and your colleague’s one – with 646? Can you change the consequences of numbers? If you want to know the answers to these questions, the following information may be useful and interesting for you.  

What Is an Area Code? 

The first thing you should know what 3-digit prefixes actually mean. Each combination corresponds to a particular geographic telephone dialing area. Nowadays there is an enormous variety of local landlines, faxes, and cell phones. Some densely populated areas, like New York or Los Angeles, need more than one area code. 

In such cases, the North American Numbering Plan Administration adjusts multiple variations. That’s when you enter your ask Google “512 area code” and get the answer “Texas”, it’s worth checking whether there are other possible codes for the area. The concrete code is not for the whole state but its part, namely the Austin metropolitan area.  

If one considers the above-mentioned examples, it’s possible to figure out the following information. The area code 512 is definitely used in such cities as Austin, Bastrop, San Marcos, and others. It overlaps with the code 737.  

Area Codes Secure You 

It’s impossible to know all the codes by heart. Yet, when you are living in a definite region for a long time, you know all possible code variants. When you receive the call, you can say for sure whether the residents of the region are calling or not.  

On the Net, it’s possible to find the lost of dangerous area codes. If you receive the call with one of such codes, it’s better not to answer. Otherwise, you can lose your money. Nowadays such type of scamming is quite popular.   

By the way, it’s impossible to receive the call from 37x and 96x area. The thing is these two sets are reserved. If you see such phone numbers, you may be absolutely sure that the scam is calling.  

Area Codes Tell a Lot About You 

You may be surprised to get to know that there are prestigious and not very phone codes. For instance, there is a huge difference between 310 and 424 codes. They both stand for Los Angeles. Yet, the first one is original code. The second one was added when the city area had become larger. When the person has 310 area code, it describes his or her as an ingenious resident of the city. The code points out the status of the person. That’s’ why many companies tend to get original area codes.  

At the same, you should be aware of virtual phone numbers. Thanks to special apps, it’s possible to obtain any phone number you want. It works in the same way as standard wire lines do.  

Area code is one more proof that it’s important to pay your attention to details even if it’s only 3 digit prefixes of your phone number.   



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