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Why Reseller Hosting Users Should Invest in a cPanel License

The whole point of reseller hosting is providing small clients with individual services. Each customer gets an account with a designated amount of bandwidth and disk space. This practice is typical of aspiring entrepreneurs, who want to start their own hosting company, or web developers and designers. This is ideal for most people, though not enough of them consider the fact that getting a cPanel license and the software of the same name can greatly improve not only their own experience but of their customers, too. An investment in it is beneficial in several ways.

Better security and system backups/reboots

Cyber-attacks happen at random times, to different people and businesses. Their damage to brand image, other problems are not that easy to rectify and in turn, it negatively impacts the success of many. That is why an increasing amount of companies are beginning to feel more concerned about the security measures that are set up for their websites and their data backups.

This is why a cPanel license is great for those that want to achieve better protection and restoration of files. By purchasing it, users gain legal access to cPanel’s “security center”. It makes it easier to manage security solutions that they want to run for themselves and their clients. The reseller can now use such tools as:

  • cPHulk. It prevents malicious software from cracking server passwords.
  • Encryption. This encodes outbound messages and files.
  • Greylisting. it limits mail spam and temporarily rejects unrecognized senders.
  • Transfers and backups. All data is automatically backed up and stored in a secure place, which is easily accessible when there is a need for a restoration or a system reboot.

Getting this cPanel license is also great for the customers. Additionally, they get access to:

  • AutoSSL, which secures every endpoint on a server with an SSL certificate.
  • Backup Wizard, which lets site owners restore all their data and monitor disk space usage.

The features are very helpful when it comes to ensuring better security not only for the websites but for server information. Restoration is also made easy and fast through appropriate applications.

Versatility and customization

A lot of hosting resellers want to differentiate themselves from the competition by allowing their customers to enhance their experience through customization. When the cPanel license is verified, users are allowed to freely browse and install package options on the software that can help effectively design the perfect interface for the clients. Resellers can use:

  • Third-party plugins. They incorporate additional applications and plugins that can modify the experience of users.
  • White-label software. This allows for the customization of the look and style of the cPanel itself. You can adjust the layout and theme until it suits all your needs.

The customers are allowed access to additional applications too. There is:

  • Apps. Third-party software can be used to build dynamic websites.
  • Content management systems. They can choose such CMS as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.

These features make it easier for resellers to configure the services, change specific account functions, and update information. In turn, greater customization allows the clients to effectively transform their websites to better suit their end-goals.

Server monitoring and health management

The cPanel license authorizes the use of the software interface that can be used to keep track of what is going on with the hosted websites. The server status also shows whether the system is experiencing more problems than usual. Hosts get rights to such beneficial things on the program as:

  • Automatization. Upgrades and downgrades are automated, which minimizes the time needed to do such tasks. The creation of custom scripts is also allowed.
  • Manage and control features. These can be chosen from the ones already installed in the panel or from hundreds of third-party add-ons.
  • MultiPHP management. Enables account, domain, server management and monitoring.

With the cPanel license, clients of reseller hosting can legitimately access features like:

  • User manager. Certain individuals get full or limited access to Web Disk, Webmail, FTP, or databases.
  • Databases. Full administrative control can be exercised over other accounts with access to data.
  • Domain control. It allows customers to easily manage and monitor several websites.

These benefits help users maintain the servers and the multiple websites that run on them. There’s always a risk that a problem might occur but with these applications, it is easy to spot what the issue is and fix it quickly.

The license is quite a good option for hosting resellers that want access to better security, customization, and management not only for themselves but for their customers too. Additionally, besides the above-mentioned benefits, quality-assured support is offered if there are any troubles with the cPanel license verification or with the program and its applications. This service is a great way to ensure a smooth hosting experience for all.


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