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Why Should You Migrate To Static Sites?

At every point of online lifestyle, security and user experience are paramount issues. Addressing the security of a website begins with converting it to a static site using WordPress static site generators.

Static sites were developed from as early as 1996 using HTML, a website development language. But after the computer revolution, more and more websites were developed to cater to the increasing appetite for online activities. As such, sharing of information became an integral part of web development converting static sites to dynamic websites.

Converting your website to a static site using WordPress 

While WordPress is recognized for its super powerful capabilities of generating fully functional dynamic sites, with plugins, you can convert them to static websites. But why are people reigniting the 1990’s technology of creating static websites?

1. Speed

Developers are constantly building websites that execute commands at lightning speed. Speed, in this case, is measured using the time it takes to pull information from a database to display on a user’s screen. A static website is faster to load since the content is pre-generated.

Further expounding on speed is the fact that when you are using static websites, you do not need a server that you will be managing. When someone on the half of the world sends a request to your website, it will not connect to a server; instead, files will be replicated from local data centers.

2. Security

As already hinted above, using static websites comes with an extra layer of protection against hackers. This is because, when using static websites, you do not need updates- a key source of vulnerabilities online.

3. Hosting Simplicity

Simplicity is another bucket full of goodies static websites come with. Most of these websites are notably easy to host since they all need your hosting service provider to serve static assets. Static assets, on the other hand, are lighter, faster, and secure.

In our quest for finding the best hosting service providers, we happened to come across https://flatsite.com/, which quickly got our website online and running.

4. Static Websites has a Large Community of  Supporters

Overwhelmingly, static sites are surrounded by a wonderful community of supporters. At the core of these communities are prolific software engineers and website developers who ensure you have everything your static site needs.

Also, there is a diverse option of languages you can use to mount your site from Javascript to Go to Ruby. Supporting this is a diverse collection of frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue. All I mean is that with a static website, there are very many options to dine from.

Final word

Static websites are fast, secure, and easy to host. However, you need to find the best plugins for converting dynamic websites to static sites. Visit https://flatsite.com/ for high-quality services, including a wide array of plugins, WordPress, and hosting services. Also, you may consult a team of IT and software experts from the above-named site for queries related to websites and WordPress.


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