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WPMU DEV Hosting Review: Reliable Hosting Provider

WordPress is undoubtedly the best platform for web developers and web designers who can test out their websites seamlessly on the platform. The same platform is highly recommended for bloggers and enterprises to launch their websites and to manage them efficiently. If you are searching for a reliable hosting provider to host your newly designed website, then WPMU DEV offers a variety of hosting plans for all types of users. Let’s get on to the details now!

About WPMU DEV: 

WPMU DEV is a web-hosting firm founded in the year 2007. The firm is based in Australia, but has a remote team in over 20 countries,  and provides a variety of services such as WordPress Plugins etc. The company has recently launched its Hosting plans. You can get plugins and now web hosting for your websites from one single platform.

The company is recognized as one of the best WordPress services providers in the world. With so many years of experience, their hosting services are designed to work well on the WordPress platform. They offer a number of premium WordPress plugins for free with their hosting plans with great customer support.

WPMU DEV Hosting: 


The hosting infrastructure of this company is based on Digital Ocean Cloud servers. Cloud servers offer a smooth and seamless connection without any interruptions in between the connection. You can expect reliable services and hosting plans from this platform as the Digital Ocean’s servers are considered as cheap and performance-oriented.

No matter what PC system you use, this service provides super-faster web performance on Windows, Mac and Linux PC systems. So if you are searching for a smooth web performance of your websites, then this hosting is perfect for you.

Super-easy User-Interface 

When you opt for the hosting plan from this platform, you will be provided with your login credentials. Once you are logged in, you will be presented with a simple Dashboard containing all the useful features, tools and functions to host a new domain and to manage the database.

You can launch a new domain within a few seconds using this simple interface. You can easily take a backup, manage database, changing FTP servers, creating SSH accounts etc.

Incredible page load time 

Page loading time is very important for new websites to gain more users. Organic searches come from search engines and if your website loads slowly, you won’t get a good number of audiences. Your business doesn’t do well with poor site loading or page loading.

Upon testing the page load speed, this hosting provider came up with impressive results. If we talk about the results, with this hosting, a full homepage of a website gets loaded in 1.2 seconds of time.

Moving on to the data centers, the company has a total of 8 different data centers which are responsible for super-fast page loading speed and high performance.

WPMU Dev Hosting: Key Features

This hosting platform is feature-rich and offers a variety of features and tools to manage multiple domains easily.

  • Quick website staging lets you create and launch a website in a few minutes. Readymade tools and options let you easily create a quick website. You can launch or reset a new website with a few clicks only.
  • Easy WordPress database option lets you manage the database with a single click using phpMyAdmin section. You don’t need to log in, again and again, to do so.
  • Offers free domain for testing purpose. You can also add custom domains to test out new domains.
  • SSH and SFTP separate accounts for each website.
  • Compatible with full security features with an advanced password protection feature. You can set out a password for the visitors who can view the website by entering the password.
  • Simple WordPress migration for free.
  • Easy-to-use analytics page to keep an eye on the bandwidth use and visitors etc.
  • 24/7 customer support team who takes care of your issues related to WordPress. The very helpful team can solve out your queries in a few seconds.
  • Free SSL and CDN which are included with every hosting plan.
  • Caching is also included and enabled by default on all the sites that you host on this platform.


WPMU DEV offers a variety of hosting plans for all types of users. They have currently four different categories of hosting plans with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The following chart will help you to know about the different hosting plans and their pricing.


  • The only we found is that the live chat is not available for 24*7, but you can reach them via email for swift replies.


WPMU DEV is an all-in-one WordPress solution platform with reliable hosting plans for all types of users. With the easy-to-use interface, anyone can easily use it and explore its services. If you expect premium hosting service for your domains and website, then this is the best platform you can go with. They have a free 30-days trial plan for new users. Go ahead, grab a free trial plan to test out the performance and speed of this platform.


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