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ZeroBounce Review: See How the Most Trusted Email List Verification System Works

Email list verification is essential to your business, and ZeroBounce ensures you get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Email has become an incredibly popular marketing channel for both B2B and B2C professionals. Thus, an email list is almost an inevitable part of any online business venture. Without an email database, no company on earth can maintain security, marketing or its relationship with customers and other organizations.

But maintaining an email database can be tedious sometimes. There are many challenges than arise when managing and utilizing an email database.

One of the main issues email marketing is confronting with is spam content. Spam is designed to lure the client to a different destination; thereby, people protect their email addresses from anything unknown or unwanted. Also, Internet and email service providers are wary of spammers, so spam filters have evolved to weed out any malicious messages. That’s why emails often reach the spam box of clients instead of the inbox.

In this context, it’s more important than ever for businesses to follow best email marketing practices. One of them is to use a healthy email list, and email list verification plays a vital role here.

Many services have emerged in the past few years to help organizations maintain email hygiene. Developed by experts with decades of industry experience, ZeroBounce is the most trusted and one of the most accurate on the market.

Why should we use ZeroBounce?

The company offers an advanced email list verification platform that not only prunes your database, but also makes it more powerful.

ZeroBounce automatically eliminates invalid and risky email addresses from your list. Furthermore, its artificial intelligence email scoring system scores your database and provides more information on your subscribers.

Let’s take a look at some of the bad email addresses this email list verification system removes!

Misspelled and other invalid emails

These addresses are risky to your sender reputation because they result in sure bounces. Keeping them in your email list hurts your email marketing and business communication, so let them go as soon as you identify them.

Spam traps

Designed to attract spammers and block them, spam traps can cause serious trouble for any email marketer. Not all of them can be detected, but ZeroBounce’s software does a great job in this respect. Isolate spam traps when the system points them out, and avoid emailing them.

Abuse emails

These accounts belong to people who have a habit of labeling emails as spam. You don’t want such users in your email list. Fortunately, ZeroBounce detects them and eliminates them from your list, so you can avoid spam complaints and protect your sender reputation.

Catch-all emails

Organizations set them up to receive all email sent to their domain, even if a certain email ID does not exist. Catch-all emails are risky because they can bounce. Once ZeroBounce spots them, isolate them and score them – more on that later.

Disposable or temporary emails

Sometimes people use temporary email addresses to register on a website or download a content offer. Within days or even minutes, these addresses self-destruct, so if you email them, they’ll bounce. ZeroBounce weeds them out to ensure you communicate with genuine human beings.

Duplicate emails

Emailing someone twice has two negative consequences on your email marketing. One: you pay twice, as your email service provider charges you for every contact. Two: people may start marking you as spam because they get your email twice. It’s best to remove duplicates right away, and ZeroBounce does that for you at no extra charge.

These are just some of the most harmful type of email addresses the system rids you of, but ZeroBounce detects more than 30 risky contacts. Thus, it helps you save money, build a strong sender reputation, and enhance your email marketing performance.

Email verification API: check emails in real time

On top of the bulk email list verification service, ZeroBounce also offers an API. As soon as you create an account, you get access to the API key, which you then install on your platform.

All it takes is copying and pasting a few lines of code, and the API will start checking new signups in real time. Just like the bulk email verifier, the API detects and rejects bad email addresses such as misspelled, fake, catch-all or abuse accounts.

Email data append: learn more about your subscribers

Unlike other email list verification services, ZeroBounce offers a great bonus feature. At no extra cost, the system adds missing data to your database. For example, if you haven’t gathered your subscribers’ name when they signed up for your emails, ZeroBounce finds their first and last name (when available) and adds it to your list.

Moreover, the service adds data such as location and gender, so you can easily segment your list and craft more targeted campaigns.

Email scoring: artificial intelligence at its best

Remember we talked about catch-all emails earlier? These emails are usually flooded with messages, so because the mailbox is full, they oftentimes bounce. However, there’s no way for an email marketer to know which ones will bounce – unless they use an email scoring system.

ZeroBounce developed such a system particularly to help organizations determine which catch-all emails are valid and active, so they can dump the rest. ZeroBounce A.I., with its advanced artificial intelligence and automation, rates an email address with a quality score that ranges from 0 to 10. The higher the score, the better chances that a certain address is active, thus valid.

Of course, you can use the system to rate any email address and detect its activity levels. Once you find out which accounts are more active, you can prioritize them as per their response. Hence, you can focus your communication on them and visibly improve your conversion rates. Additionally, this system helps to avoid the waste of valuable leads and saves you from overhead expenditures.

ZeroBounce A.I. is a separate service, and it’s best to use it after you perform a thorough email list verification.

Major Advantages of Using an Email Verification System

Globalization and technological advancement have reshaped the entire marketing structure of the 21st century. Businesses of all sizes face many hindrances when it comes to online communication. Email list verification systems like ZeroBounce offer a Zen-like solution to these issues and empower you to achieve better email marketing outcomes.

Here are the major advantages:

  • Helps to eliminate all invalid email addresses.
  • Detects abuse emails and spam traps.
  • Weeds out temporary, catch-all and duplicate emails.
  • Improves your sender reputation.
  • Boosts open, click-through and conversion rates.
  • Adds missing information to your email list.
  • Provides an artificially intelligent email scoring system


Why ZeroBounce stands out

Named to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in the United States, ZeroBounce has quickly become a top player in the email list verification industry.

  • The developers have successfully programmed this outstanding system with almost perfect algorithms. Per market review, the accuracy of the service is between 98% to 100%. Also, the company states on its website that it guarantees 98% accuracy.
  • ZeroBounce is also one of the most secure email list verification systems on the market. The service is compliant to the General Data Protection Regulation by the European Union. Moreover, it is certified by the US Privacy Shield Framework. Thus, the reliability of this program is unquestionable.
  • The A.I. email scoring and catch-all validation system makes this software top-notch among other products of this kind. The email scoring system helps to choose the active emails in a database and develop a more efficient marketing strategy.
  • Furthermore, there is a dedicated customer support team to give its client base 24/7 support. Additionally, they provide advanced technical assistance to Enterprise clients.


For any marketer looking to boost their email marketing performance, ZeroBounce offers complete database management solutions. In short, it helps you filter out bad contacts, focus on great prospects, and know your customers so you can send them just the kind of content they need and want.


The advancement of technology has brought new challenges for businesses worldwide. To help marketers and entrepreneurs succeed in their online communication, ZeroBounce has developed one of the finest email marketing tools. Thanks to this service, marketers can clean email lists of any sizes and turn them into profitable enterprises within the blink of an eye.

Furthermore, with ZeroBounce, organizations enhance the productivity of an email list in a more secure manner. Thousands of companies around the world use the service to ensure their email marketing performs at the highest standards.

Thus, ZeroBounce is beneficial when it comes to both collecting and organizing emails. An organized and accurate email database can really be a game-changer for any venture that’s ready to thrive.



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