The lighting system of your house has become automatic in this digital world, where everything is automated. Adding bright lighting to your home is among the very best, fastest, and energy-efficient methods for making your house in a smart style. Products such as Amazon Echo light bulb security camera, Google nest hub, and many others have the Great capability to permit automation and provide you smart automatic voice-controlled technology in your home. Moreover, some solutions allow you to have smart lighting using your own lights & switches with Alexa smart lights and Wi-Fi light Bulbs.

These smart light bulbs are all useful for many different factors. For starters, they are all LEDs, therefore that they use much less energy than conventional incandescent, incandescent, and CFL bulbs.

Another reason why we enjoy smart light bulbs is that it is possible to link them to your own home system and control them with your smartphone or even with Alexa, Google Assistant, or even Siri. You could even connect your smart lights into other smart house accessories, to ensure that if you unlock your door, the lights turn on, or any time you move away, your smart lighting can turn off and on intentionally to make it look like somebody is home.

Highlighting the top-quality smart bulbs, you could buy in 2020; we will also inform you about a number of the specifications and functions you want to look out for, to remove any confusion and pressure around putting collectively. Today’s light bulbs most compact, brighter, have higher color schemes, and you can control these smart bulbs with smartphone apps that do more significant than ever and are less complicated to set up.

Consequently, in this information, we have discussed the best 10 Alexa smart lights for your house.

Best Smart Bulbs for your Connected Home

There are many best features of smart light bulbs for Alexa for your home.

  • All are LEDs
  • These bulbs take less energy
  • Easy to operate
  • Smart light bulbs are automatic


  1. Philips Hue

My dream desire is the Philips Hue White Ambiance Bulb because it’s far an industry-main product, has a vast market of different Hue products it will paintings with, and it plays nicely with Alexa light bulbs.

The most famous smart bulb is almost Philips Hue, which has emerged as most effective among these smart lights. The Philips Hue can connect up to 50 lightings in one home, all equipped to be managed from the cell app for iOS and Android app. Connecting a separate hub device directly in your router may be difficult, but it’s certainly worth it, as it permits you to run the smart first-class bulbs available on the market today. Philips Hue is the first option you must be thinking about while it comes to picking the exceptional Alexa smart lights for you in 2020.

  1. Lifx Bulbs

Lifx bulbs can change your lifestyle. Because Lifx’s application can control with Apple Homekit, Alexa, Google nest hub. They also have top features, including strobe, and can control according to your music. However, they are now real, actual products that do the entirety that the very smart bulbs that even respond in a sec to instructions from your voice, a phone app, or even a smartwatch. Another point inside the favor of Lifx bulbs is their design – those are some very well designed and constructed bulbs, with a vaguely futuristic look. They in shape in with different structures from Alexa smart lights, Google nest hub, and more.

  1. Ikea Tradfri

Both white light and colored alternatives are available in E14 and E27 sizes, although you only get screws instead of bayonet fittings. If you’ve got taken a wander around Ikea lately, you’ve in all likelihood noticed the Tradfri smart lights that have started out popping up. Additionally, they’re a cheap, accessible way to get commenced in your exceptional smart bulb search, although you do not get as many features as you do with products from the likes of Philips Hue and Lifx.

  1. Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb

If you need, you could have your lighting fixtures come on via a schedule or switch on and stale randomly to try to trick burglars into unknown persons at home. These lighting fixtures work without any hub plugged into your router, too, connecting directly just like the Lifx bulbs, so you can without problems add one or two to your house without overspending. Eufy doesn’t provide any colored bulbs yet but kits your private home out with these, and you’ve got still got plenty of functionality to play around with – dimming, brightening, scheduling, and so.

  1. Hive Active Lights

Hive started with a smart switch but has because managed its variety to include just about everything you might want for your smart home. The bright bulbs that Hive places out are very capable and attractively placed, and well worth a gap on our exceptional smart bulbs of 2020 list. The variety isn’t always quite as wide as the ones offered by Philips and Lifx. However, it’s going to be enough for the maximum people. If you have already got a Hive kit in your house, then it makes me feel to head for the bulbs as well, as everything is going to work seamlessly together.

  1. Innr

Innr is a newer name inside the smart lights market; however, it is already attracting a variety of attention, with an impressively massive range of bulbs to select from that are easy to install and use. This is a smart light system that you want a bridge for. However, you necessarily ought not to use the Innr Bridge in case you do not wish to use it. These connections are the same technology for Philips Hue and Samsung Smart Things so that you can use them as a substitute if that’s more. You can select from spotlights, preferred bulbs, filament bulbs, candle bulbs, LED lighting, and more, each colored and light.

  1. TP-Link Smart Light Bulb

TP-Link has a limited range of smart light products as compared to Philips Hue and Lifx, and you cannot do like a lot with these bulbs, but we’ve got taken pretty a shine to them nevertheless (pun intended). Affordable and dependable is typically the topic with the TP-Link kit. They’re cheap, and you may get them up and running very smoothly, without having to buy a separate gateway or hub. With Google nest hub, even these smart bulbs can operate with Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT, so there are masses of opportunities for integrating them in with the relaxation.

  1. Osram Lightify

You won’t have heard of them. However, Osram is one of the leading manufacturers within the lights industry – and for Eurovision, they have a backdrop, so there you go. You can go to the city if you need to, with LED strips and garden lights included within the variety. If you are seeking to deliver your whole home smart lighting revamp. Then Osram is one of the excellent smart lighting options out there, however for smaller-scale projects and less complicated operation, you are probably higher off looking elsewhere.

  1. Sengled Element

There are two main motives to pick out something from the Sengled Element range as one of the exceptional smart bulbs for 2020 – their simplicity and their low charge. Despite the low load, you get lots of functionality here, including lights schedules, and help for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant manage. If you need to save a little money, deliver them a glance as you browse through the numerous options. You do need to installation a principal hub, however that hub can then control up to sixty-four bulbs. Both white and colored bulbs are available in both screw and bayonet fittings, so you should be capable of finding something to suit your wishes at home.

  1. Nanoleaf Light Panels Rhythm Edition

Well, the Nanoleaf set is probably just what you’re after, flat panels that tessellate and might change color and brightness in reaction to track. You can enlarge past the nine panels you get with this starter package to cover an entire room in case you want. These smart brightness can be affixed to walls or the ceiling, and they can be managed with our routine, controlled manually out of your phone, or even used as alarms to wake you up inside the morning.

The Final Words

There are so many high Alexa smart lights while it comes to setting up your smart home lighting fixtures with Alexa. Some are more general-motive lighting fixtures solutions, even as other smart lights can also be best applicable for unique rooms and places. Some of the smart lights are higher suited for indoor use, even as some will work higher outdoors. Whatever your choice and whichever area you’re looking at, you’re sure to locate a first-rate smart light to work with Alexa smart lights among the selections on this list.


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