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3 Things That Make FRAS Plates from Safe Life Defense Different

FRAS plates have helped save thousands of lives. Law enforcement officers, government officers, and other officers have to face threats and attacks routinely. For their safety and protection, they need the best protective equipment, including FRAS plates that protect against a wide variety of bullets.

Self-lines defense offers the most innovative protective vest on earth. It is highly in demand due to its excellent features. Here are three things that make FRAS plates different and a must-have.

Rifle plate carriers Vs. FRAS rifle plates

One of the major drawbacks of rifle plate carriers is their lack of accessibility. In an alarming situation such as an ambush, you need to respond quickly and vigilantly in order to secure everyone’s safety.

There is no time to retrieve and place the plate carriers. Another disadvantage is the size and weight of the rifle plate. The majority of the ceramic plates have a weight of over 8 pounds. The dimensions of the rifle plates are 10X12, which is not even enough to cover the vital organs.

On the other hand, safe line defense introduced their latest solution FRAS for rifle attacks and threats. It has large size enough to cover your entire torso, just like concealable soft body armor. It has a greater thickness and weight, but that’s negligible in front of the features it offers and how capable it is. It is made up of a rifle system that will stop 7.62X39. It is also available in level III.

According to Safe Life Defense their FRAS plates and panels are as protective as their vest, which makes them a must-have for every law enforcement officer, government officers, and other individuals who are exposed to threats.

Offers Flexibility

Self-line defense FRAS plates are made up of a flexible material that can fit easily and are more comfortable as compared to hard plates. FRAS plates are made up of 50% Dupont and 50% proprietary material. Tests were conducted on it, and there were no bullet penetrations from any angle, not just that a 5.57 impact feels way lesser than 10mm on a normal level III vest.


It can be used along with a level IIIA and soft armor. It can also be used with a standalone in a backpack or plate carrier.

In a nutshell

Safe line defense body armor is legal in all 50 states. No one will arrest you for wearing body armor, and neither will it be confiscated. You can travel while wearing it like a jacket. This will ensure your safety. You can take it in your luggage, check-in luggage, or even wear it on board. You can also purchase a body armor storage bag which makes it easier to transport it everywhere.

With threats and attacks on the rise, it is vital for every law enforcement officer to wear protective equipment such as FRAS plates routinely. It may be costly, but it’s a good investment that will secure your life. Before you make your purchase, it is a good idea to know your requirements, the type of threats you are up against, and where you will be going on your mission. These answers will help you decide which vest is ideal for you.


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