Being classy can open many doors, that’s just a fact, because the way you present yourself carries a certain message, and those who invest more into their appearance are often treated with more dignity and respect. Therefore, next time you want to get dressed, it’s important to pay attention to certain details that will automatically add a touch of class and elegance when you show up at any fancy event. So, for that reason, here are some simple tricks that will make you look classier and more put together.

1. Make sure to match an outfit with the occasion

Wearing elegant clothes is fine but in order to maximise the effects of your effort, you need to learn how to match your outfit with the occasion. So, for example, wearing jeans while dining in a fancy restaurant is an absolute no, even if you believe that you’ve managed to pull it off. Some pieces of clothes don’t belong in certain places, so instead of trying to crack the code, it’s much better to invest in a few classic outfits that will make you look classy wherever you go.

2. Focus on the right stuff

Wearing elegant clothes doesn’t have to mean overspending and credit card debts. There are many brands that sell quite affordable pieces that will make you look stylish without costing you much. And if you want to invest in something, then you should definitely focus on jewellery that will surely transform your outfit. Treating yourself to a pair of rose gold and moonstone earrings will be a great addition to your jewellery box, and you can also click here to find out more about different rings, necklaces and watches that can add a subtle touch of class to anything you wear.

3. Pay attention to your hairstyle

Hair can make or break your whole appearance, so always make sure to wear an appropriate hairstyle. Even if you prefer slightly outlandish styles such as bright colours, keep in mind that your hairdo should complement your current outfit. Dying your hear bright green and wearing dreadlocks is appropriate if you’re a teenager or a cosplayer, not an elegant woman trying to get ahead. Still, being classy doesn’t mean you have to compromise your signature style, but rather than being all in-your-face, try to find a way to make it more acceptable and subdued. Elegance is all about how you carry yourself, and any woman who aims to be classy shouldn’t really aim to stand out at all costs.

4. When in doubt, go with a red lipstick

Adored by style icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga, this simple piece of makeup is a true game-changer, for obvious reasons. It can transform your whole appearance, by going from innocent to sultry in no seconds. So, if you ever feel uninspired with your current wardrobe or makeup bag, just add some red lipstick on and you’ll look all glamorous in no time. But keep in mind that you should wear red lipstick only when you feel in the mood for it, otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy its magical effects.


These tips will surely help you look classy, but it’s essential to remember that your behaviour should always be in accordance to your elegant outfit, as that’s the only way to be truly classy and chic. Finally, instead of aiming to own all the expensive stuff, it’s best to practice being friendly, a bit subdued and presentable, as these are the sure ways to look stylish and elegant at all times.


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