While there are so many exercises that allow you to shred your abs and improve your muscle gain, arguably one of the best ways to do so is with martial arts. One of the things that sets martial arts apart from the rest of the body building exercises is the fact that practicing martial arts includes so much more than just a workout.

A martial arts training session focuses more on building both your endurance and strength, rather than just simply pumping your muscles. That being said, we will explore some of the most common benefits martial arts have for muscle gain.


If you have never worked out a day in your life and you want to start doing something about it, martial arts have got you covered. Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are excellent choices for anyone looking to dive into the world of martial arts. For instance, Muay Thai will teach you how to observe your entire body as a whole and use that to your advantage when exercising. For every kick, punch, block or clinch you will need to engage all of your muscles in order to be able to perform them properly. If this sounds appealing to you, you can always try them out and find more on fightingreport.com.

They activate the muscles you didn’t know you had

As mentioned earlier, the majority of martial arts tend to observe and activate the body as a whole. For instance, Wing Chun Kung Fu focuses on keeping the body in perfect balance. That is why you will most likely activate muscle groups you didn’t even know you had if you decide to try Wing Chun out. Needless to say, such exercises won’t only tone the muscles that are the most obvious to the naked eye but they will actually turn your entire body in a toned agile machine.

Diet and martial arts

It is also important to mention that while it is certainly important to exercise if you are trying to build muscle mass, it is also very important that you eat right. For instance, protein is essential for building and maintaining muscle mass. So, if you are looking to build muscles you will need to find out what your optimum daily protein intake is in order to be able to do so properly. Aside from proteins, you will also need to consume carbs and fat because they too play a crucial role in building muscles.

Improved body functions

Since martial arts focus on every aspect of our beings, including the physical, mental and spiritual one, it comes as no surprise that practicing them will have a positive effect on our overall well-being. Some martial arts that focus more on the spiritual side of things learn how you can achieve both physical and mental balance. Additionally, martial arts can help you improve your mood, reduce stress and even lower anxiety with proper breathing techniques. Furthermore, since practicing martial arts is an excellent way to burn calories – which will reduce your  body fat – it will help you improve not just the muscles you see but also the ones you don’t – like your heart.

Getting into martial arts certainly has numerous benefits. Aside from paying attention to all of the aspects of your overall well-being, martial arts will help you shed those unwanted pounds and tone your muscles the right way. Since the majority of martial art exercises focus on making the entire body function like a whole you can expect to work some of the muscle groups you otherwise would not be able to activate so frequently.


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