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Famous Traditional Tales of Karwa Chauth That You Should Know!!

Karwa Chauth is celebrated on the 4th day of the full moon and generally falls in October or November or Kartik month according to Hindu calendar. As the festival is approaching, do you know why this festival is celebrated and what is the traditional tales of Karwa Chauth? If no, then read the whole blog and know the interesting stories behind this amazing festival. 

On this festival, one-day fast is kept by the married women from sunrise to moonrise without drinking or eating anything. This fast is kept for the well being and long life of the husbands. So, if your wife is also keeping fast this year, then bestow your love on her by giving her the BestKarwa Chauth Gifts 2019 and adds more sweetness in the relationship with her. Let’s have the look at the wonderful legend of Karwa Chauth. There are 3 tales that is very famous about the devoted wives and Karwa Chauth fast. 


 Legend of Mahabharata 

Karwa Chauth fast was recommended by Lord Krishna to Draupadi when she asked how to protect Pandavas from the problems in the absence of Arjun. Draupadi followed Lord Krishna advice and kept fast with full dedication and rituals. This fast saves Pandavas from the difficulties. It is believed that this fast is kept by women even before the time of Mahabharata. This fast is also explained by Lord Shiva to Parvati.  


Tale of Queen Veeravati 

Long-time ago, there was a sister of 7 brothers who married to a king. On the day of Karwa Chauth, she came to her parents’ home but kept the fast dedicatedly for her husband. At one point of the day, she was not able to stand the rigors of fasting and eagerly waiting for moonrise. After seeing their sister in this condition, brothers make an idea and reflected a mirror through Pipal tree leaves which their sister took as moonrise and broke her fast. The very moment queen ate her dinner, she got the news of her husband is ill. When she rushed to her husband’s home, then in the way she met Goddess Parvati and Lord shiva. They informed her that her husband is no more because she broke her fast without the rise of the moon. When she asked for forgiveness, then they suggested her to do the Karwa Chauth fast strictly and king revived. 


Story of Karva 

From the time immemorial, it is considered that devoted wife has the abundance power. A woman named Karva who was very devoted to her husband threatened Yama the lord of death to send a crocodile to hell because he caught her husband. By threading the power of devoted wife, Yama accepted her proposal and send crocodile to yell. 

These are some famous tales about the Karwa Chauth which explain how this fast had helped the women for blessing their husbands with the long and prosperous life. Hope now you will be able to understand the whole significance of this wonderful festival. 

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