Healthy Lifestyle and Its Effect on Essay Writing Activity

Healthy Lifestyle

There is a study related to the perception of the correlation between cognitive activity and a healthy lifestyle. It is a significant research, but what is especially interesting about it is that younger respondents think that cognitive skills will start to decline 10-15 years earlier than older respondents do. It means that younger respondents see the situation more clear; they know their cognitive abilities are not forever, but how do they respond to this challenge? Mostly they don’t. Being aware of something, and acting to prevent it, do not always coincide, especially in teenagers’ minds. If they can’t see practical benefits here and now, they normally don’t act.

However, a healthy lifestyle can be beneficial for an essay writing activity, and it is an advantage that any high school, college, or university student wouldn’t mind to have. These are not baseless allegations, these are facts, and here we will elaborate on them.


Eating Healthier Makes You Less Anxious

Anxiety is one of the reasons people can’t focus effectively on their tasks. It is only normal that being anxious about something, you can concentrate on some mundane tasks on your way. Anxiety can be maintained with changes in your diet. We can’t give you the whole list of products to avoid, it would take the whole article, but the basic idea is to stop consuming or minimize consuming food and drinks with a rapid stimulating effect. They make your brain jump from 0 to 100% and back too quickly, and the nervous system is not prepared for that. If you are already anxious, coffee, chocolate, even tea (not herbal though), should be excluded. Canned food normally includes many preservatives — try to exclude then either.

To help your nervous system to keep stable and to make your sugar level within normal numbers, you should be first of all focused on reducing sweet products and fast carbohydrates. We know that it is impossible to exclude them, but at least try to minimize their role in your diet.


Healthy Sleep Keeps Your Mind Sharp

You are not the same when you are sleepless. Sleeping patterns define your activity and your cognitive abilities for the whole day. It is a myth that an average person can do almost without sleep and stay productive. You may see it in movies, but not in real life. You can’t also get better with a cup of coffee — it may make you feel better for a while, but finally, it only increases anxiety, and that, as we know, is a bad thing you would like to avoid.

Of course, it would be great if you could go to bed at the same time and sleep 8 hours in a row, but we don’t leave a dream here, we know your life is not a fairy tale, That is why it is good if you can go to bed before 11 pm at least 3 times a week, and not using gadgets in bed at least for that period of time. Open windows at least for half a half before you sleep and don’t eat heavy food in the evening. Remember, alcohol may give you a brief feeling of relaxation, but it also reduces the quality of your night sleeping.


If you can’t sleep for any reason for some time, and you have an important paper to write, it is a good idea not to write it on your own, but to hire a professional this time. With a simple “pay someone to do my essay” search request, you will find experts to help you out for now. However, if you have serious sleeping problems, you should see a doctor, not an essay writing website.


Active Lifestyle Keeps Your Brain in a Game

To stay focused mentally, you should also be energetic physically. It doesn’t mean that without intense lacrosse training, you can’t write your essay, but a moderate physical activity during the day is what you need to stay concentrated. Sometimes you can hear, “you need to clear your mind before writing.” It doesn’t mean you should spend hours on Netflix. It means you should go for jogging.

Every year marketing specialists and bloggers find new “the best” ways to fight a sedentary lifestyle. Fitness bracelets, hot yoga, meditative jogging, some special jumps… Hello! Just be active. WHO says that you need a minimum of 150 minutes of activity per week, and this activity should include both cardio and muscle exercises. Following this routine is enough customessaymeister.

Lifestyle matters, start with some simple steps, and you will be further motivated by the results you get.

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