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How to Listen to Music in the Shower

The shower is the ideal place to sing because no one is listening to you, or that’s what you think. Your gorgonites are safe from prying ears thanks to the noise of the water falling and the fact that you usually close the door. Also, unless you are lucky enough to live alone, this is possibly one of the only times of the day when you have no company, so no one will judge or comment on your artistic gifts.

But you also usually sing in the shower because you feel that you are in your little space of intimacy, comfortable and warm. It is the moment when you leave your mind blank and disconnect from the world outside your bathroom. You are so comfortable that your brain releases dopamine, which brings out your most creative side.

Singing in the shower also has great psychological benefits, since endorphins and oxytocin are released, the hormones that produce pleasure and relaxation. Singing, in addition to improving your mood, trains your breathing capacity, and exercises some of the muscles of your face and abdomen.

To all this, we must add that listening to music relaxes, improves mood, and makes you feel good. Therefore, when you sing in the shower, you relax and release and drain the stress of the day to day stuff. Faced with this situation, who wouldn’t want to play a song?

Also, have you noticed that your voice sounds better when you sing in the bathroom? They are not your imaginations, it is science. The acoustics of your shower make it the best setting you can imagine. The tiles make the sound bounce, so all the waves stay inside the shower and it gives you the feeling that you have a more intense voice. But in addition, the reverberation, that is, the short time that the sound remains after being emitted is excellent and acts as a resonance box of 10.

As for the songs that we usually sing in the shower, the most poignant ones that you can’t get out of your head triumph. Even if you don’t like them very much, you will find yourself singing them. After reading this post, you will surely want to increase your repertoire of songs to sing in the shower with the best waterproof speaker for the shower and other applications.

Basically, schemes are being broken and music is being taken to a place where it is not usual to listen to it. You need a device that is appropriate for this, hence the waterproof shower radios were created.

What is Shower Radio?

This device, which is not so common to find in street shops, is having an increasing presence in homes due to the practicality it offers since it is made up of comfortable and functional resources.

Aesthetically they are small, with a rear suction cup to stick to the wall, and do not take up space. In addition, they are resistant to water and humidity. That is why there are multiple formats with disparate qualities.

Type 1: VicTsing Radio

When it comes to highlighting some of the most popular devices on the market, it is worth mentioning the VicTsing radio. Without a doubt, it is being one of the best sellers due to the ease of handling it offers:

  •         It has a rounded shape, with smooth lines and small size, with a rear suction cup that is highly resistant to humidity.
  •         The loudspeaker is at the rear, allowing the sound not to come straight into the ear.
  •         It has Bluetooth with which to connect the phone.
  •         It allows the frequencies that are best captured to be saved and thus not have to be searching every time it is turned on.
  •         In turn, it offers possibilities such as receiving calls, it also has a clock and alarm.
  •         It has an LCD screen with buttons around it.

Type 2: Radio with Mirror

This product is one of the most curious on the market, but why is this? Mainly it is for the aesthetics it has, its characteristics, and devices.

  •         Like the previous radio, it consists of Bluetooth, radio, receives calls, and has an alarm and clock. At the moment, the system is very similar to other radios; also, the handling is quite simple.
  •         The format is circular.
  •         The novelty is that the frontal area itself is a mirror where you can see yourself reflected. Some may want to see themselves reflected in the mirror while singing or taking the opportunity to shave.
  •         In turn, it consists of an LED display.

Type 3: AEG DR 4135 radio

This specimen is much more subtle in design, takes up less space, is small in size, and does not have the same features as previous radios. What could be highlighted mainly about this radio?

  •         It is made up of a body where the radio search wheels are and a top hook so that it can be hung from any surface.
  •         Only the radio can be heard; therefore, it has neither Bluetooth nor other resources.
  •         It has no screen. Actually, it is a very simple device, since it only has the wheels to search for radio tunings.

It is practical and very functional since you can only listen to the radio; however, the design is very avant-garde, using the curve as a means for a more curious aesthetic. Also, the price is lower.

What to Choose and Where

You have to be careful when buying the best waterproof speaker for showers to make sure the products that are bought online and that come from the online market. Sometimes they can be faulty or have a very short life; the main thing is that they fit your needs.

In order to acquire the best product, it is better that you consult the internet and go to large commercial areas. Once you have compared, you can make a decision.


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