Congratulations are in order. A new member is joining your family. Your own bundle of fur is coming home. All set to welcome the puppy?

Thought so!

Now you are a parent. It is time to be more responsible. Understood? You won’t just have to change your lifestyle but also carry out some changes in your house to accommodate your new pup.

Puppies have an abundant amount of energy, and this energy can, at times, transform via some extremely destructive avenues. There is a mental checklist that every new puppy owner goes through. From finding a veterinarian to buying the basics for feeding them, you have to go through quite a list to be prepared for the newest member of your pack.

In the same sentiment is puppy proofing your house; not that tough but is essential for both your belongings and your dog’s health.

The house is where your puppy would be spending most of its formative years. You must create it to be a safe space.


Beware Of Plants

A puppy is akin to a baby. Both explore the world by putting everything in their reach into their mouths. Plants are a hit and miss with dogs and can cause diarrhea and even organ failure. Make sure you don’t let your puppy near dangerous plants most commonly, Sago Palm, Castor bean, Autumn crocus, and American Yew. This isn’t a complete list, but you can go online and check out if the plants in your garden are dangerous for your pet.


Medications Should Be Kept Out Of Reach

Every medicine should be kept out of reach of your dog. We are usually very careless and casually have our medications lying around the house. Initially, dogs are determined to chew their way through life, and in such a case, a plastic container is nothing a stubborn puppy can’t get through.

Also, store your dog’s medication away from your own lest you mix them up. And believe me, you don’t want to do that.


Keep the Trash Closed

For a puppy, nothing is as enjoyable as trash. The mixture of smells that emulates from a trash can is particularly interesting for the new adventurer. If left unattended, nothing is stopping your pup from consuming something that isn’t particularly good like bone and cartilage, xynthol gum, and chocolate, all highly toxic substances for your puppy.

Bathroom trash is even worse with easy access to discarded blades and choking hazards like cotton balls.


Hide the Cleaning Supplies

Regular household cleaning products contain chemicals that are toxic to a puppy. This list includes household cleaners, detergents, glue, and automotive chemicals. These need to be kept close off in a cupboard. Additionally, keep the areas shut where rat and mouse poison is kept. You don’t want to let your puppy ingest something it shouldn’t.


Clean the Cords

The number of possibilities that cross a puppy’s brain when they see cords are endless.  They are big on chewable goods, and cables and earphones are like a buffet served hot to them.

There are going to be cords in your house, that is inevitable. The best you can do is use sturdy covers and deterrent sprays. And like a good parent, always keep your pup under supervision if he is not contained in a pen or a crate.


Small Objects Need to be Stowed Away

Calling out all the self-righteous people. Right now would be the time to go utterly anal in the case of house cleaning. Earrings need to have a spot to go to; bobby pins need to be stacked together. Furthermore, objects that contain batteries are also like a ticking time bomb. Small parts become choking hazards, and the batteries turn to chemical weapons. Yes, batteries, in particular, can cause chemical burns inside the soft tissue of your dog’s esophagus. It is as dangerous as it sounds.


Cover the Couch

As a pet parent, you have some really tough decisions to make. The leading one being whether or not the animal will be allowed on the bed. Tough call, I know. In case you do want to have them on the bed and all the other furniture. You have to pet-proof the furniture.

Your couch will be the first casualty of this war. If you take into account the amount a dog sheds, you have two options. Either get couch covers or buy a pet-friendly couch.

The other furniture that can be hurt by a pet is the delicate and expensive rugs and carpets. For the time it takes to house train your puppy, you can buy rugs with small patterns and dark colors.  If you want to go all out, you can purchase outdoor rugs as they are more durable and much easier to clean.

Also, remember to fence off your backyard, you don’t want your precious puppy to get in a fight with a coyote. The fence depends on how athletically agile your pet is. The standard, however, is 8 feet.

With great cuteness comes an even greater responsibility. Puppies are cute, but they are a significant investment of time and energy. This investment in the future could be your emotional support dog. So, be careful and ensure you start right by puppy-proofing your house.



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